MSc in Business, Language and Culture (Sonderborg/Flensburg)

Working in business enterprises or organizations with an international orientation, one may seldom rely on solid knowledge of economics and business conditions only. Mastering foreign languages and being able to cope with the challenges of foreign cultures is equally important, for instance when negotiating agreements on financial or other matters.

The master of science in business, language and culture offers you the opportunity of extending your knowledge in the areas of business economics and business language. Faced with growing political, economic, cultural, and social globalization, businesses will make increasing demands on their employees, who will have to work across national and linguistic borders.

This master degree will provide you with a high level of qualifications for analysing, evaluating, and performing the tasks involved in the international activities of business enterprises, tasks in which communication and mediation skills often play an important role. Thus the study programme combines foreign language competences with the study of social conditions as well as economic and sociological factors influencing decision-making processes in various cultures.

In Flensburg/Sonderburg, you will find an intercultural study environment in which German is not just a subject, but an integral part of your everyday life.

Lectures ind Sonderborg and Flensburg
Due to regulations from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science the SDU-part of the study programme will take place in Denmark. This means that lectures taught by University of Flensburg will take place in Flensburg, while lectures taught by University of Southern Denmark will take place at the SDU in Sonderburg/Denmark. Further information

You have the possibility to get a double degree from SDU and Universität Flensburg as a Cand.Merc.Int student in Flensburg/Sonderburg. Read more here

Application and entry requirements

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