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Programme offered in Danish only

Philosophy is everywhere

Philosophy is a subject with roots stretching far into the past and with a solid anchoring in the present. If you switch on the television and follow the discussions on freedom of speech, religion and science, gene technology, good art vs. bad art, the knowledge-society and how we relate to climate changes, you will find that philosophy is behind it all.

The philosophy programme gives you a broad and thorough knowledge which you may apply in your career and in your life in general. You will learn to think critically, analyse arguments and viewpoints and view problems in a greater context.

You will receive a thorough introduction to ancient philosophy and the philosophy of the middle ages. You will also become familiar with modern philosophy and the central currents of contemporary philosophy. You will be introduced to crucial philosophical disciplines such as epistemology and metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy, philosophy of science and logic.

Many points of contact

Philosophy has points of contact with all other subjects and all areas of reality – politics, history, art, literature, religion, mathematics, science, the business world, psychology, care, environment and education – and you may point your studies in a direction consistent with your particular interests. Simultaneously, you will discover new topics and possibilities you were never aware of before.

Job options

With a 3 year bachelor's degree in philosophy you may decide to continue you studies by completing a Master's degree programme in philosophy, or any other Master's degree programmes offered. Depending on your choices, you may work as a teacher, researcher, editor or communications officer. There are many possibilities!