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Programme offered in Danish only
Consider the plethora of Greek loanwords such as rhetoric, logic, ethics and aesthetics – they reflect the influence and inspiration we have adopted from ancient Greek and Roman literature, art and architecture.
Classical Studies imparts a broad and thorough knowledge which may be used in your career and your life in general.

Archaeology and Literature
While studying, you will be reading some of the key literary works in their original or translated forms. There will also be plenty of opportunities to study works of arts and the remains of ancient cities and buildings which, along with archaeological findings, may illustrate life in ancient civilizations. Once every year, we arrange a fieldtrip to a Mediterranean destination in order to get even closer to the past.

If you wish to specialize further within archaeology, this is also possible.

Create an individual profile
When studying ancient civilizations, you get the chance to follow traditional courses and specialize in almost any way imaginable, by looking at topics such as:

· History
· Literature and Archaeology
· Philosophy
· Politics and Social Science
· European Identity
· Religion