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Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

How are societal values formed and managed? Does change generate more collaboration or conflict? These and other related questions are central in the research and education programmes at The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. We strive to produce knowledge and graduates with great societal value and the ability to meet the global challenges of our time.

Faculty of Engineering

Engineering – education, research and future. Our engineers and researchers are responsible for the technology of the future. The research of the Faculty of Engineering is rooted in interactions between basic research and applied research in a network which consists in part of other research units at the University of Southern Denmark and in part of outside research institutions, and which has a strong tradition of cooperation with the industry – nationally as well as internationally.

Faculty of Health Sciences

One of only three in Denmark, the Faculty of Health Sciences enjoys close cooperation with Odense University Hospital, industry and experts across the world. The Faculty’s expertise in public health offers students and researchers a first-class learning environment and the opportunity to play a key role in the treatment and prevention of disease.University of Southern Denmark has a strong image when it comes to health science research, education and communication. We take part in securing quality and development in the entire region of Southern Denmark. Consequently our research must reflect the future challenges of the hospital and health system. Our students are provided with qualifications and competencies in a way that makes it possible for them to meet these new challenges.

Faculty of Humanities

As the University’s largest Faculty, Humanities offer students and researchers an expansive and dynamic learning environment where new academic areas complement traditional studies. The Faculty’s strong interdisciplinary approach and progressive research have achieved recognition at national and international level. Humanities cover a wide range of programmes and research fields which all have basis in human beings and their relationship with the outside world in common. Focus and concern is on human thoughts, creative arts and communication from different perspectives and in many historical and geographic settings.

Faculty of Science

Learning is hands-on at the Faculty of Science, where modern laboratories and an emphasis on fieldwork give you the opportunity to put theory into practice. The Faculty’s wide-ranging expertise, which includes research areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, offers you the chance to explore your area of interest alongside leading international specialists.

Science is alive – it moves and speeds up the world. Science is alive because it is developed by engaged researchers in vivid settings and surroundings. The researchers of Science conduct research in first life on earth, synthetic biology, medicinal products of the future and of course proteomics, where University of Southern Denmark is in the top-class of the world.

Last Updated 02.01.2023