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Programme offered in Danish only
Many people have various language and speech impediments. For instance, a small child may have trouble with language acquisition and normal speech. Children born with cleft palates may also experience difficulties when it comes to speaking. Other small children may suffer from stuttering.

Adults may also suffer from speech disorders. People may have trouble expressing themselves after suffering from brain injury, while professional voice users may use their voice incorrectly and thus run into problems. These groups and many more, all need a speech theraist in order to communicate optimally.

Interdisciplinary Science

Logopedics, or speech therap,y is the theory of diagnosing and treating of language, speech and communicative problems. The 3 year programme is theoretical, but includes some months dedicated to internships.

Logopedics is an interdisciplinary programme which builds a bridge between the humanities and the health sciences. The programme views language, communication and psychology in correlation with anatomy, physiology and neurology and gives you a number of professional skills enabling you to examine and treat many types of clients.

Contact to reality

Lectures take place at Campus Odense and at Odense University Hospital and Center for Rehabilitation og Specialrådgivning (CRS in Odense). We do this because it is very important that you learn how a speech therapist works while you are still enrolled in the programme.

Through the internship you will meet patients and speech therapists, you will test your theoretical knowledge, and you get a chance to specialize.

The internships are usually offered by pedagogical psychological counselling offices (PPR) or speech institutes/communication centres.