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Programme offered in Danish only

Communication - an important tool

In the business world communication is an important prerequisite for a company with regard to efficiency and quality control; and as most companies today have international activities and rely on international knowledge sharing and global trade, there is an increasing need for people that master foreign languages such as English, French, German and Spanish.

Wide knowledge

With a BA in International Business Communication with two foreign languages you will acquire a thorough knowledge of two foreign languages as well as knowledge about the cultural, social and commercial conditions in the countries where the languages are spoken.

This gives you competence to act as a culture mediator in a company or organization, but the education also equips you with the necessary qualifications to carry out different communication tasks in both private and public organizations. The main fields of activity lie within the internal and external communication such as the preparation of brochures, product instructions and company profiles in both Danish and the foreign language.

Concrete problems

Apart from the foreign language courses, there is a number of joint courses which provide you with the broad knowledge that companies today need.
In addition, the joint courses give you the necessary basic knowledge for the remaining part of the study. You get an understanding of what communication is, and you will be able to solve different tasks within company-relevant areas like marketing, organization and international business right.

Practical oriented

International Business Communication generally emphasises both humanistic, business economic and social aspects. It is a practical oriented degree programme that prepares you to go directly to a job in the Danish business world, but also it gives you the possibility of employment for example in Danish consulates or embassies all over the world.

The possibility to continue your studies

Once you have graduated, you can apply for jobs in the business world or continue the two year Graduate program, e.g. the Graduate program in International Business Communication.
You also get the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at a foreign university where you learn the language where it is spoken. This is an opportunity you cannot miss.
If you have any questions about the programme, you are welcome to write an e-mail to the student counsellor.