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Programme offered in Danish only
English, please

In Denmark, every child is taught English in primary school. If you want to learn English at the highest level and use it as a tool in your career, and if you want to understand the historical, political, social and cultural contexts of the English language, then the English programme in Odense is perfect for you.  

English is used across the world in terms of trade, industry, technology, science and culture. Due to increasing globalisation and the dissemination of the internet, there is a growing demand for experts of English - also within the private sector. It is a myth that the English programme is only relevant for students who wish to pursue a teaching career.

Language, literature, culture and society

The English programme in Odense gives you a thorough knowledge of the English language and culture focusing on Great Britain, Ireland and the US. However, we will also look towards the rest of the English-speaking world at countries such as South Africa, Canada and Australia.

The programme enables you to expand your knowledge of written and oral English. You will get a practical and a theoretical foundation which allows you to learn even more about the culture of the English-speaking countries.

The English programme teaches you how to understand and convey complex problems especially within the fields of British and American culture, language, literature and society. 

An abundance of possibilities

With a degree in English, you may find work within the educational system, for instance as a high school teacher or an instructor at university level. You may also become a textbook-writer or teach languages in various organisations. You may also work as a translator, an interpreter, a communications officer, a project coordinator, with an NGO or by writing subtitles for television channels.

Career or Master

Once you have completed your BA, you may start looking for a career or continue your studies with an MA in English or look into one of our other exciting Master's degree programmes.