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Programme offered in Danish only
The Danish programme lends you a broad and thorough knowledge of Danish literature, language and culture on the basis of a number of courses dedicated to the fundamental methods of literary, linguistic and cultural development. We will either start from scratch or add knowledge to what you already know. Additionally, you will become familiar with Norwegian and Swedish language and literature.

You will be studying both various types of fiction - modern and period, and other modes of textual expression from our everyday lives, from runes to current printed and electronical mass and multi media. Through analyses we will elucidate contemporary Danish cultural history and consciousness and what it means for the future.

Every year prior to study start, new students may participate in an introduction conducted by current students. You will encounter an active study environment and several activities are centered around our common room "Slyngelstuen", where you can meet students from all years and exchange experiences over a cup of coffee or whatever else stimulates your palate.

Study structure
Once you hold a BA in Danish, you may decide to continue your studies in Danish or select another Master's degree programme.