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Classical Studies: Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (MA)

Programme offered in Danish only

The cradle of European culture lies in the civilisations of ancient Greece and Rome. Our language, our ways of thinking, our norms, our sense of art – areas that we call, using words borrowed from the Greek, rhetoric, logic, ethics and aesthetics – continue to be marked by the literature, art and architecture that were created in the Greece and Rome of ancient times.


Through our study of ancient cultures and their posterity we acquire an insight into the ancient world and at the same time the skills to understand and breathe life into the cultural products of ancient times in our modern context. We make detailed readings of narratives, explore the material remains and works of art and we enter the world of the narratives of a lost world that have exerted the greatest influence of their posterity. We look at the guardians of that antique cultural heritage – including ourselves.


Classical Studies (main subject and option)

The University of Southern Denmark is the only institution in the country to offer Classical Studies as a main subject. On the MA part of Classical Studies students can choose between two weightings:


  1. Literary. Here ancient texts are read primarily in translation, which makes it possible to cover a wider range of the literature both in terms of genre and in terms of chronology and theme. In the same way the course allows the opportunity for more in-depth studies of the dialogue between ancient texts and later literatures (for example, in conjunction with options in Danish, English, German and so on) and for approaches using the history of religion, philosophy or literature studies. These topics can be prepared during the BA project and be developed during the MA dissertation.
  2. Archaeological. If you have a particular fascination for physical remnants such as temples, statues, vases and ancient Greek and Roman townships, it is possible to give your Classical Studies course a special archaeological weighting. Since ancient language, literature and history are preconditions for any dealings with classical archaeology, a large number of subjects will be the same as for the literary branch of Classical Studies. In addition, however, it will be possible to choose a classical archaeological topic for your larger assignments, your BA project and your MA dissertation. Those who choose an archaeological weighting will have to take part in a special archaeological seminar on the MA part as preparation for writing their dissertation.

Latin (option) and Greek (option)

On the Latin and Greek options texts are read in the respective languages and students are taught and examined in language proficiency at a high level. On the options in Latin and Greek students have good opportunities to placing aspects of their main subjects in a historical perspective.

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