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MSc in information technology (IT, communication and organisation)

We do not offer the entire programme in English, but we offer the specialization MSc in IT - Web Communication Design in English (follow the link to read more).


About this programme:

If you want to work at the frontier of the challenges faced by today’s business enterprises and other organizations, the Master of Science in information technology is the right choice for you.

The Master of Science in information technology focusses on the opportunities presented by the new web, in which people and organizations share information, search, and cooperate, and in which there is a growing demand for competences in communication, E-learning, and knowledge sharing.

Focussing on the interplay of man and information technology, this master programme combines theoretical knowledge at a high level with practice-oriented cases.

The focal areas of the programme:

  • communication, learning, and information technology
  • analysis and construction of web-based information and knowledge architectures
  • information technology systems of particular relevance to web-based communication and E-learning
  • new standards and web technologies

During the master programme, you will learn how to develop strategies of communication, learning, and information technology, and you will learn how to plan and implement web-based communication and E-learning in organizations. In addition, you will become acquainted with the construction and application of relevant information technology systems.

You are offered two choices of specialization: ‘Web architecture’ and ‘Communication and Learning’.