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An interdisciplinary study that combines research-based knowledge with practical knowledge 

This programme emphasizes both the interaction between humans and technology and combines research-based knowledge with challenges from practice.

The overall focus of the programme is on the opportunities and challenges of working with web in relation to knowledge management and communication. You will therefore learn to evaluate and apply theories, principles, and methods in the fields of communication, interaction, and IT in the context of planning and designing web-based communication.

You will also work with design and development of digital applications and information products with relevance for web-based communication. Moreover, you will learn to design and test web applications.

During this master programme you will constantly be working in an interplay between theory and practice in both research projects and more practical development projects. 

Web-based knowledge 

In this programme you will obtain skills in analyzing and evaluating web content and carry out web-based communication. You will learn to design digital communication and prepare it for web. You will furthermore learn to analyze and design e-learning solutions in an organizational context and advise how to organize information and communication in organizations and companies. A master's in MSc IT – Web Communication Design therefore qualify you to work in both the public and private sector regardless of what their focus in the organization or company is. 

That is why you should study...

  • You will be a part of an interdisciplinary study environment that prioritizes the importance of both theory and practice.  
  • You will obtain a thorough knowledge of the many aspects that are relevant regarding web technology.  
  • You will be able to take an internship during your 3rd semester and test your knowledge and interest within this field.