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Why Study IT Product Design?

Are you interested in intelligent products and how they affect people in the future?
The master programme in IT Product Design pushes the envelope of how we can innovate new solutions by engaging the people involved.  Intelligent products change the way people work and play. To facilitate sustainable change requires empathy and responsibility from the people who are designing them. It requires skills of critical judgment and an open-minded attitude as well as competencies beyond traditional engineering and computer science. It also requires engagement in multidisciplinary teams to develop successful products and services that benefit the world.

Who are we?

IT Product Design is part of the design environment at SDU’s campus in Kolding where research and teaching are closely connected. The researchers combine interaction design, embodied technology, participatory innovation, design anthropology, applied theatre, video and co-design. As a student you get a chance to work alongside researchers to experiment with new methods, designs and processes.

Diverse and multidisciplinary

Every year, 40 new students are accepted from countries all over the world. Their backgrounds cover a wide range of educations, career paths and professions, such as design and art, anthropology, business, communication, computing, engineering, health and beyond! IT Product Design teachers are also very cosmopolitan and bring excellent expertise from a wide range of fields.

Students work alongside each other, every day, in this multicultural and multidisciplinary mix. This diversity can be challenging but learning to innovate and thrive in such complexity is highly valued by employers.

That is why you should study...

  • With an education in IT Product Design, you will be able to contribute to the changes and development that evolves around intelligent products.  
  • You will be a part of a very connected research environment between professors and students.  
  • You will have the opportunity to work in some of the biggest companies and institutions with this educational profile.