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Religion (Master)

This programme is offered in Danish only


The Master Programme in Religion is the final link in the complete Religion Programme. This is where you expand your knowledge – in part through courses you select according to your interests. At master level, it is possible to steer the programme in two different directions by either:

  •  focusing on the historical-comparative studies of religion in the past and present.
  • or by focusing on contemporary religion and the religious relations to current societal, political and cultural relations and topics.

Both directions are practically and theoretically founded and offer a broad knowledge of religious studies. This ensures that you will gain a solid and academic understanding of the public religious debates.

The Master Programme in Religion offers courses in science of religion and religion didactics. Other types of presentation of religion in the media are introduced as well as an understanding of religion through news media, social media and popular culture. 

Particular attention is on participation. In part because participation makes it easier to understand the mindsets of religion and partly because masters of religion are expected to independently make academically sound decisions and manage research.

Career Options

Masters of Religion are able to apply for a range of jobs depending on the composition of the programme.

It is possible to work with upper secondary education, adult education and in public schools.

It will also be possible to work with cultural communication or as a consultant, adviser or manager within private businesses or public institutions.

Approximately half of all graduates find governmental jobs. 25 percent are employed privately and another 25 percent are employed in the public sector.