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Assistance for research statistics

As a member of BRIDGE you can get statistical assistance. Statistician, Pia Veldt Larsen, has been associated with BRIDGE in a 20% position. She will be able to contribute members of BRIDGE statistics help in relation to the more complex statistics that may give you challenges.

When you need statistical assistance:

  • Please send a mail to Pia directly (, c.c. to Christine Haarslev Nielsen (

Below you will find the requirements that have been set in regards to whether you can get statistical help:

  • One must be a member of BRIDGE
  • Co-authorship follows the Vancouver rules
  • Tasks for BRIDGE that exceed the 20 percent buy-out must be agreed in writing in advance with the chief consultant in the Research Secretariat, Olaf Svenningsen.
  • Publications only
  • Ph.d. students is expected to use the offer from the ph.d. school first - can get help with further needs
  • The tasks include statistical counseling, provide guidance on performing analyzes and descriptions of method or results, as well as help with the review process. Data cleaning, layout work and similar tasks are expected to be performed by researchers themselves

Presentation by Pia:

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark participates as a partner in the research center BRIDGE; as part of the efforts to strengthen the collaboration between the parties, up to 20% of the statistical consultant’s position at the Mental Health Services is made available to researchers associated with BRIDGE.

My name is Pia Veldt Larsen and I am statistical consultant at the Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark. I have a PhD in statistics and have previously worked as associate professor of statistics/biostatistics at universities in England and Denmark, and as biostatistician at e.g. the Research Unit for General Practice in Odense and the Center of Clinical Epidemiology at OUH. During my employments, I have collaborated with many research groups within a great variety of areas of health science.

Statistical assistance can be provided in relation to all parts of a research project from the initial preparation of research design to publication. The assistance includes statistical advice on choice of methods, performing analyses, interpreting results and describing methods, as well as help with the review process. Co-authorship or other form of recognition follow the Vancouver Protocol.

To contact me about statistical assistance, please send an e-mail to with a short description of the project, and carbon copy (cc) the BRIDGE student assistant, Christine Haarslev Nielsen (