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Citizen-Enhanced Open Science Southeastern Europe (CeOS_SE)

The CeOS-project aims to raise awareness of mainstream Open Science and Citizen Science practices at European Research Libraries.

Where do the libraries excellence in supporting citizen science?

Which barriers do the libraries meet and how can these be handled?

Those and many more questions are addressed in the project.



The CeOS-project aims to empower academic libraries in Southern Eastern countries to develop further as knowledge hubs by upskilling staff in the connections between Open Science and Citizen Science. It aims to pilot the practice of CeOS and is built on six interconnected objectives each resulting in a tangible project result for the targeted region (Southeastern Europe):

6 focus areas

  • The 1st objective builds the knowledge base of the project, by setting the framework for transferring knowledge and innovation to libraries as hubs for knowledge and innovation in Southeastern Europe.
  • The 2nd objective is to initiate and sustain the dialogue and action taking among several types of libraries: public, university and research libraries will commit together in public activities engaging civil society, NGOs, private and public sector bodies.
  • The 3rd objective is to carry out CeOS public activities to upskill higher education academic and library staff in CeOS in Southeastern Europe libraries
  • The 4th objective focuses on a region of Southeastern Europe, the Balkans. To address more carefully the heterogeneity and the synergetic elements in capacity building with respect to CeOS, a “Roadmap on CeOS in the Balkans” will be produced.
  • The 5th objective is to demonstrate how citizen science affects change within higher education institutions and especially through Library studies
  • The 6th objective is to encourage policy change grounded on evidence-based results of the CeOS_SE previous outputs, to fuel the potential of CeOS by leveraging them first to the NL and then to the European knowledge building level, especially by connecting to the EOSC[CGM1]

3-year project

The project runs from 1 January 2022 to 1 January 2025 and is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme under Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education.

The consortium is composed by partners with complementary profiles:
- five high education institutions through their libraries (SDU, UNITO, ULSIT, UCY, UP)
- a university and national library (NSK
- a University library (UNILIB)
- and the Association of European Research libraries (LIBER).

Interested in more information?

Read more about the project at here.

Contact Thomas Kaarsted, project leader work focus area 1, for questions, input, or anything else about the project.



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