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Dr. Lorraine Dacre Pool, PhD, CPsychol, PFHEA


Lorraine is a Chartered Psychologist, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and Principal Lecturer, Student & Staff Development, at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.  She designed and published the CareerEDGE model of graduate employability and later developed the Employability Development Profile, both of which are in use in many universities nationally and internationally. The article that introduced CareerEDGE in 2007 has been downloaded more than 62,000 times and cited 830 times.  She has particular expertise in the subject of Emotional Intelligence and the role this plays in graduate employability, which was the topic of her PhD research. This also involved the successful design, delivery and evaluation of a taught module of EI, details of which were published in the journal Learning and Individual Differences.  Lorraine has published a number of articles on the subjects of graduate employability and EI and has co-edited a new textbook for the British Psychological Society publishers, Wiley-Blackwell, called ‘An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence’.


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