Getting an education at IMADA is more than just following the courses. Though, of course, you can see what we offer at this page. But your education is also fellow students, syllabusses and thoughts about the future path of your studies and your carreer.

IMADA has a well-functioning students’ council that among other things arranges  parties, coding seminars, camp stays, company visits  and course evaluation. The students' council is also the link between students and the university; the faculty, the departement and other agencies. When you’re not busy with Geometrical Algorithms, Concurrency Theory or other enjoyable occupations, you’ll always find likeminded in ”Saunaen” – the students’ common room.

In case you need to reflect about your further studies, you’ll find both old and new courses on this site.

Present students can find the most important informations at MySDU, while information about specific courses are found on BlackBoard.

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