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The Master's Degree Programme in Mathematics develops your knowledge of scientific theories and methods, your experience in working independently with scientific questions and your ability to express yourself clearly on academic issues. Thus, the programme qualifies you to participate in scientific work and independently handle business functions with your background in these learned skills.

For more than two millennia, the study of mathematics has developed through a marriage of abstraction and application. Thus, mathematics is a broad field which is cultivated both for its inner structure and elegance and for its great applicability throughout other branches of science.

Some mathematical theories and techniques are developed directly intended for problem solving in other areas of study, such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, statistics, computer science, economy and technology. Others, however, are derived from the mathematician’s interest in abstraction and in the inner structure of the field and its aesthetic values.

At the University of Southern Denmark, we conduct research within a broad spectrum of pure mathematics, such as analysis and deometry, discrete mathematics, mathematics teaching, statistics, and numerical analysis. You may have encountered parts of these topics already – otherwise you can look forward to immersing yourself in one or more of these topics.

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Why Mathematics?

  • Already as a student, you will get the opportunity to work with challenging research issues and collaborate with industry
  • The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science hosts the SDU eScience Centre, which gives researchers and students access to one of Denmark's high-performance computer clusters
  • The teachers are close to the students and are always open to questions and discussion

Graduates of the programme are entitled to use the academic title Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics.