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Mathematics driven by science, data and technology

Applied mathematics is mathematics developed with the express purpose of solving real-world problems.

  • How to produce reasonable search results within a network with billions of entries?
  • How to optimize a wind turbine blade, when the associated loads stem from a turbulent flow modeled at a million points in 3D space?
  • How to estimate the risk for insuring a building against a certain type of hazard?

As a rule, a mathematical problem is the core of such tasks, for example solving a gargantuan eigenvalue problem, solving a (non-)linear equation system or even an unexpected new type of mathematical challenge.

Applied mathematicians strive to make it possible to tackle such tasks with computational tools in the most efficient way. Very often, this includes the development of a novel theory and new algorithmic procedures.

However, applied mathematicians are not content with inventing new computational methods, they also aim at providing a thorough theoretical analysis: Can we trust the output of such models? Under what conditions?

In applied mathematics, the application task is what drives the research efforts. Hence, applied mathematics is not restricted to any subarea of mathematics, but rather requires a broad mathematical education as a working basis and the willingness to constantly learn new things.

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Why Applied Mathematics?

  • SDU is the only university in Denmark that offers the Master's Degree Programme in Applied Mathematics
  • Already as a student, you will get the opportunity to work with challenging research issues and collaborate with industry
  • The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science hosts the SDU eScience Centre, which gives researchers and students access to one of Denmark's high-performance computer clusters
  • The teachers are close to the stude and are always open to questions and discussion

Graduates of the programme are entitled to use the academic title Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Mathematics.