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Department of Green Technology

The study programmes and research of the institute lies in the intersection between scientific and engineering disciplines with focus on global challenges and local opportunities and solutions.

Through its research, innovation and study programmes the department will contribute with solutions to global social and environmental problems. We will help create growth and prosperity through technically sound engineering solutions that integrate other disciplines. The department will be a gateway for lifelong learning for employees, students, and project and network partners.

By means of various forms of cooperation such as internships, student projects, networking and research projects with the industry and other public research institutions, there is a constant exchange of experience and knowledge which ensures that all parties have access to the latest and most relevant knowledge.

Research Areas
• Chemical process engineering
• Functional materials and fuel cells
• Biomass technology
• Processing of vegetable raw materials for food, feed and natural medicine
• System analysis and environmentally efficient technology
• Biosystems technology

The department is divided into three sections, each with a specific research area. Follow the below links and read more: