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Committees, Boards and Representatives 


Committees, Boards and Representatives

Tasks of the Council

 The council's task is to discuss and advise the management of the department in regards to circumstances relevant for the progress, development, organisation and economy of the department, including:

  • The departments academic development work and strategy on research, education and knowledge sharing 
  • The departments contribution to the faculty's strategy and development work
  • The departments organisation in relation to research and educations of the faculty
  • Quality assurance of the department
  • Economy and budgetting, amongst these external funds etc. 
  • Recruiting policy in regards to research and educations of the faculty
  • Physical and social frames for employees and students
  • Student environment and well-being
  •  Management decisions

Members of the council per 05 March 2021:

Election Group I 
Chairman: Jens Ejbye Schmidt
Henrik Karring,
Birgitte Lilholt Sørensen,
Martin A. B. Hedegaard,
Mathias Porsmose Clausen,
Lilla Simon,

Election Group II 
Lars Yde,
Lars Duelund,
Rikke Klindt Muller,

Election Group III 
Hannah Sauer
Cathrine Gudtmann Juhler,
Line Boysen Christensen,

Substitute Election Group I:
Knud Villy Christensen,
Substitute Election Group II: 
1 vacant
Substitute Election Group III:
Jakob Lindeman


It is the responsibility of the education committees to serve as the forum for development of the individual programmes by ensuring that all relevant academic environments are involved in its work. Aside from the programme coordinator the committees consists of scientist and teachers related to the central academic fields of the programme as well as representatives of the students of the programme.

Education Committees for Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology

Education Committee of the Chemical Engineering Group

Education Committees of the Environmental Technology Group


The working environment Group at IGT:

Working leader representative:
Head of department Jens Ejbye Schmidt

Working environment representatives:
Laboratory technician Hanne Vestergaard Hemmingsen
Specialist consultant Lars Duelund

Working environment committee at TEK can be find here.

Last Updated 14.08.2023