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Moreover, the department takes an active part in the development of low-temperature fuel cells and related materials. The above-mentioned research areas are supported by the department’s knowledge in and development of chemical unit operations, usually for reactors, membrane techniques and classical separation techniques that facilitate scaling-up of laboratory processes to industrial scale.

One of the focus areas of the department is knowledge in and methods used to limit the emission of CO2 and green house gas from both animal and vegetable production systems as well as in the recirculation of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Another of the department’s focus areas is process development in connection with conversion of energy and refining of bulk chemicals as source material for fine chemicals, medicinal products or food and feed ingredients from animal and vegetable biomasses.

A third focus area is the environmental aspects of industrial systems, bio-production systems and social infrastructure systems. The research includes, among other things, analysis of all product and service systems as well as of the production system, processes and emission of the individual companies.

The department has three research groups, each with two focus areas:

Last Updated 14.08.2023