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Welcome to SDU Chemical Engineering

We look at production processes from a detailed functional process point of view with an emphasis on energy and resource optimization.

We develop production methods in laboratory and pilot scale, and develop mathematical models for process design and process upscaling. We do cost analysis estimates to assess the economic potential of the processes developed.

We believe that engineers are crucial in order to develop an environmental and economical sustainable future.

We believe that detailed knowledge and skills are necessary in order to develop new less energy and resource requiring processes to ensure the continued increase in material wealth of the global human population. Our goal is to create the knowledge and develop the skills this requires.

Our research is at the fore front with in:

  • Development of membrane based methods for separation and concentration of nutrients from biowaste
  •  Concentration of natural compounds from plants and algae
  •  Crystallization of pharmaceuticals from natural compounds
  •  Process synthesis, design, simulation and optimization
  •  Development of fuels cells and ceramic materials

We collaborate at all levels within these fields, from local industry and farmers to large international businesses and universities. Our Research is mainly financed by external funding from the EU and national research funds.

Our educational commitment covers the central areas within the technical and scientific areas covered by our fields of research.

We contribute to the university’s chemical engineering educations at the bachelor and master level. We are the academic trustees of the master degree profiles Chemical Engineering and Functional Materials.

As a student you will have the chance to experience an exciting research environment and participate in our ongoing research projects.

We invite you to participate in our research and courses in order to become an innovative chemical engineer in a globalized world.


SDU Chemical Engineering University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 7360

Last Updated 15.11.2023