SDU Life Cycle Engineering

SDU Life Cycle Engineering

SDU Life Cycle Engineering focuses on education and research contributing to global sustainability

Creating a sustainable future requires a holistic insight and understanding of the long-term interactions of technologies and systems with the world on a global scale. Our goal is to develop the knowledge and methods for achieving this insight. It is important to us, that the right solutions are available for decision makers, when planning the construction, maintenance, operation, recycling and end-of-life management of infrastructure, agriculture systems, and industrial processes and systems for our future.
Sustainable aviation fuel

It is only a matter of years before we can produce sustainable aviation fuel in Denmark
How much food are we really throwing out?

Researchers are calling for new fundamental knowledge in order to reach the UN Goal of halving food waste by 2030

For DKK 150, we can completely avoid fossil fuels

The technology is already here, but the green transition needs political action