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News from SDU UAS Center

New employee: Welcome to Jarl Møller Banke

Image of Jarl standing in a glass roomSDU UAS Center welcomes Jarl Møller Banke, Research Assistant, who joined us from August 1st to work on the CODRONE future spin-out project. Jarl holds a Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering and has experience from his previous employment as Mechanical Engineer in the automated food production industry.

New employee: Welcome to Robert Ladig

Image of Robert Ladig, the new employee at University of Southern DenmarkSDU UAS Center welcomes Associate Professor Robert Ladig, who joined us from Mai 1st as a researcher with main focus in the fields of aerial manipulation, interfaces for aerial robotics, and search and rescue.

Robert is joining us after living for 11 years in Japan. Apart from doing mountain hiking and enjoying the beautiful Japanese temples and shrines, he was working on UAS research at the Ritsumeikan University’s BKC campus in Kusatsu, Shiga.

Joining the Ritsumeikan University’s “Integrated Sensors and Intelligence Lab” as a student in 2012 and from 2018 as Assistant Professor at the same lab, he has been continuously working on UAS and has been publishing research for 10 years now on how aerial robots can be equipped with specialized manipulators to they can perch, push, pull, turn, spray or land on moving surfaces.

Press release: Large-Scale Research Network Receives 3.7 Million Euros to Revolutionize Wildlife Conservation Practices with Drones

An image showing a drone pilot about to take off We are in the middle of a biodiversity crisis, and the consequences may very well be unmanageable. Now, a group of universities and organizations have launched the interdisciplinary research network WildDrone to find out how autonomous drones can be used for wildlife conservation.

Read more: Large-Scale Research Network Receives 3.7 Million Euros to Revolutionize Wildlife Conservation Practices with Drones

More information on the project at

PhD thesis defense: Autonomous Service Drones for Safety-Compliant European Operations

Picture of the people involved with defending the PhDWe are very happy to congratulate Kristian Husum Laursen on his successful PhD defenseon “Autonomous Service Drones for Safety-Compliant European Operations” on the 17th of March 2023.

Kristian will continue his employment at SDU UAS Center in a translational postdoc as part of the Spin-Outs Denmark one-year programme.

Find the PhD thesis here: Autonomous Service Drones for Safety-Compliant EuropeanOperations

Photo: Supervisors and evaluation committee (from left): Ulrik Pagh Schultz Lundquist(SDU), Anders Madsen (Trafikstyrelsen), Kristian Husum Laursen(SDU), Henrik Skov Midtiby(SDU), Kjeld Jensen(SDU) og Charles Lesire (ANITI).

SDU UAS at European Robotics Forum

Robot enthusiasts and experts from all over the world gather these days in Odense when the European Robotics Forum takes place in Odeon from the 13th to the 16th of March. As an extra treat the H.K.H. Crown Prince of Denmark visited the SDU UAS Center’s booth at the opening and was interested in hearing about our projects.

Come by the SDU UAS Center’s booth, where you can meet our researchers and talk with us about research projects such as WildDrone, Genius, and Precision Seed Breeding.

We also have several drones at the booth. So stop by and get a closer look at the 5G Genius drone or the prototype of a drone made from recycled materials for use in mapping land areas in Africa.

You find our drone booth next to our good colleagues from SDU Robotics, who are hosting the conference.

Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid has been appointed Head of Unit for SDU Digital and High-Frequency Electronics

1st of February 2023

SDU is establishing a new section with a focus on digital and high-frequency electronics. Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid, Professor at SDU, will be the head of the section. Emad has since 2017 been employeed in SDU UAS Center.

Read the article: Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid has been appointed Head of Unit for SDU Digital and High-Frequency Electronics


SDU researcher to establish company in new programme

Oktober 2022

Drone researcher Kristian Husum Laursen has been appointed as SDU’s first translational postdoc. As part of the Spin-Outs Denmark programme, he will receive one year of financial and professional assistance to develop a concrete idea and establish his own company.

Read the article SDU researcher to establish company in new programme

WildDrone: Drones for Nature Conservation

September 2022

SDU UAS Center is excited to announce a new MSCA Doctoral Network aiming to modernize nature conservation techniques through innovative drone operations.The international consortium will recruit and train 13 doctoral candidates (PhD's).

Read the WildDrone Announcement

For more information: visit the WildDrone project website

International Drone Summer School 2022 at SDU

August 2022

Excited engineering students from abroad and from SDU participated in this year's Drone Summer School in August.

Read more about SDU Drone Summer School 2022

SDU Charges drone on high voltage-line

8th of June, 2022

Associate professor Emad Ebeid and his Diii research group from the SDU Drone Center have for the first time in the world succeeded in connecting a drone directly to a high-voltage line with 150,000 volts in a test in central Odense, where it has taken new energy for its battery from the line.

The result opens for the use of drones for both inspection and other tasks directly on the 7000 km of high voltage lines. Thus, the national grid can be utilized to a greater extent than today, which can be of decisive importance for the green transition and the expansion of e.g. the wind turbine area in Denmark. 

More information: SDU Charges drone on high voltage-line

Danish health drones are taking off: Towards faster and better treatment 

30th of May 2022
On 30 May, Danish health drones will fly for the first time from Odense University Hospital (OUH) in Svendborg to the island of Ærø. The drones can carry blood and medicine, and the transport time of 40 minutes is much faster than by car and ferry. It ensures proper treatment for the patients faster. 
Today, if you live on one of Denmark's smaller islands and have a blood sample taken, the sample must be transported by ferry and car for analysis at the hospital's laboratory. In future, the distance will be shorter, because now the way has been paved for the blood sample to be sent by drone directly and immediately to the laboratory. 

More information on the HealthDrone project

EU Commissioner visited SDU

30th of May 2022

The EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira, stopped by SDUs drone labs at HCA Airport to hear about drones and the Lighthouse project NextGen Robotics.

In addition, Elisa Ferreira was excited to hear about the HealthDrone project that she had seen in the news. The HealthDrone had the very same morning successfully completed the first 50km BVLOS flight between two Danish hospitals and Ulrik Pagh Schultz was happy to fill the guests from EU Union in on all the details.

QuadSat and Lorenz Technology were also invited to show Elisa Ferreira the exciting drone technologies they are working on within the Lighthouse project. The visit was arranged by Erhvervshus Fyn and UAS Denmark.

More information on the NextGen Robotics Lighthouse project

New PhD Student: Welcome to Viet Duong Hoang

SDU UAS Center welcomes Viet Duong Hoang, who will join us from 1st of February 2022. Viet will be working within the research projects Aerial Core and Drones4Safety.
Viets will design an energy harvester and grasping system for drones.  He took a Master’s degree from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Vietnam and worked as an electrical engineer at a UAV company for a few years. He has a strong background in electrical systems on UAVs, power electronics and good knowledge of AI.

PhD supervisor: Emad Ebeid

Collaboration between Engineers without Borders, Sierra Leone, and SDU

Providing clean water to villages by establishing  IoT-based water towers, developing face masks for Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau, and creating an upcycled African drone to be used for mapping tasks in rural areas. Those are some of the projects that Kjeld Jensen, Dylan Cawthorne, Frederik Mazur Andersen, Elzbieta  Pastucha, and student Kenneth Rungstrøm Larsen from SDU UAS Center collaborate with Engineers without Borders on. 

Furthermore, The Faculty of Engineering at SDU provides re-usable teaching material and computers to two universities and a girl school in Sierra Leone, and Kjeld Jensen has started a pilot project to give online guest lecturing classes.

In late February 2022 students from Sierra Leone visited the Faculty of Engineering and of course, they went to the HCA Airport to fly with drones.

See video at TV2 Funen: SDU has visitors from Sierra Leone

Read the article at  SDU helps engieering students 5600 km away: Books, computers and online teaching to Africa (only in Danish at the moment)

Millions DKK to new Danish Robot Lighthouse

108 mio. DKK for pioneering development of robots on land, at sea and in air is coming to Funen, which has just been designated as Denmark's lighthouse for robots. The grant is the start of a long-term development that will have effect no the whole of Funen, including the Faculty of Engieneering at SDU.

Read the article Millions DKK to new Danish Robot Lighthouse (in Danish)

Swarms of robots and drones will assist farmers and rescue workers

28th of January 2021

A group of researchers led by an SDU Professor and two private robot companies are behind the HERD project, enabling rescue workers to deploy multiple drones on a mission or farmers to have groups of robots working in the field simultaneously.

The project aims to develop technology that enables a group of robots to solve a task together. The partners will also design user interfaces that allow a rescue worker to control an entire swarm of drones during a rescue operation or put a farmer in control of multiple robots working on his field.

Read the entire article here: Swarms of robots and drones will assist farmers and rescue workers
More about the HERD project

Drones will check 7000 km of high voltage cables

13th of December, 2021

Drones can get an overview of the supply network and replace time-consuming manual inspection and helicopters, which cost millions in inspections annually, results from the Drones4Energy project at SDU show.

In the future, swarms of drones can inspect the 7000 kilometres of high-voltage cables in Denmark, report any errors using artificial intelligence and automatically charge directly on the cables along the way. It will reduce working hours and at the same time reduce costs drastically while increasing security of supply when you get a constant overview of the network.

These are some of the results of the project Drones4Energy, where a team of researchers at SDU in collaboration with national and international partners for three years has developed a drone platform for the inspection of the high-voltage network.

Read the full article: Drones will check 7000 km of high voltage cables
More about the Drones4Energy project

Drones, field robots, and AI are crucial in the green transition

8th October, 2021

Drones can create an overview, artificial intelligence can process datam and field robots can help the farmer in the green transition. These are some of the results from SqM Farm project, which was presented at a workshop at Gyldensteen Estate.

Read the full article Droner, markrobotter og AI afgørende i grøn omstilling (only in Danish)

More about the project SqM Farm

New Head of SDU UAS Center

1st July, 2021

Professor Ulrik Pagh Schultz has been appointed new Head of SDU UAS Center.

Ulrik has been employed at SDU since 2005 and has been part of the UAS Center since 2017. It is therefore a leader with extensive experience in education, supervision and research who will take over the management of the UAS Center after Brad Beach, who has been heading the center and developed it from its beginning in 2015.

"As Head of the SDU UAS Center I will support our continued growth as a leader in the development of UAS technology for the good of society. We will build on our success with drones in areas such as infrastructure inspection and healthcare logistics, with an aim to demonstrate that UAS can provide societal benefit for the green transition.” says Ulrik.

A new era for drone technology: 5G brings new possibilities

21st of June, 2021

Drones can be helpful for environmental monitoring, transport of medical equipment and various critical functions. And with the roll-out of the national 5G-network the risk of drones coming into conflict with existing air traffic can be eliminated. This has motivated a broad team of researchers and companies to launch an ambitious drone project with funding from Innovation Fund Denmark.

Professor Ulrik Pagh Schultz from SDU UAS Center is heading  the new Grand Solutions-project, GENIUS. The project has a budget of  24 mio. DKK., whereoff 14 mio. DKK has been granted by Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden).

More about the GENIUS project

New Professor in Aerial Robotics

28th April, 2021

Ulrik Pagh Schultz has been appointed Full Professor in Aerial Robotics at the SDU UAS Center. He joined SDU in 2005 and has been a member of SDU UAS since 2017.

UAS for the good of future society

When asked about his research and plans for future projects, Ulrik says: “I am motivated by the SDU UAS emphasis on development of technology for the good of society, and I find aerial robotics to be particularly interesting due to the massive potential for significant impact on the future of society”.

Ulrik wishes to demonstrate that human programming ultimately is the key to allowing aerial robots to operate in real-world, outside environments, and that high-level programming languages lets us do this in a way that is effective, precise, and safe. “I hope to do this in the context of research projects that have an impact on the green transition, and in this way be part of developing the technology that (finally) lets drones become useful, autonomous robots that move throughout our entire airspace”.

Read more here New Professor in Aerial Robotics

New drone from SDU is ready to inspect powerlines

19th January, 2021

A team of researchers from the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark has developed an intelligent drone with AI that can inspect high-voltage cables for faults and corrosion.

Read the full article New drone from SDU is ready to inspect powerlines

First PhD in Value sensitive Design of Drones!

8th of January, 2021

Congrats to Dylan Cawthorne from the SDU UAS Center, who successfully defended his PhD Thesis on Value sensitive Design of Drones.

In his thesis Dylan investigates how engineers can create drones that will benefit society. He addresses some of the changes that the technology could facilitate, and how to design drones that lead to more beneficial outcomes by incorporating human values into the design.

Read the abstract here (pdf)

U-space opens for tests over Funen

Denmark’s first UTM-platform (U-Space), that will make sure autonomous drones don’t collide with other things in the airspace, opens on 23rd. of October.

This happens, when Minister of Transportation Benny Engelbrecht launces the first tests at HCA Airport near Odense.

The UTM-platform is a digital traffic management system, that controls that drones and other aircrafts can fly safely side by side in 100m altitude.

More about the project U-Space Funen

Selected press

Denmark’s initial national UTM system goes live in Funen, Unmanned Airspace, 2 November 2020

Selvflyvende droner skal testes over Fyn,, 23 October 2020
Selvflyvende droner over Danmark rykker tættere på,Berlingske, 23 October 2020

Now the health drone will be tested on Ærø

30th of August, 2020,

Drones areabout to fly from the island of Ærø to Svendborg to deliver blood samples. On Sunday 30th of August researchers and companies behind the Health drone-project met with app. 200 citizens of Ærø to explain the Health drone-project and what it entails.

The prospects of faster and better treatment by using drones has been met very positively by the islanders and the partners of the project look forward to continue the good cooperation.

See TV2 Funen's broadcast from the event at Ærø:

See also

"Blodprøver og medicin med luftpost(from 19:30), DR News, 30th August 2020 (in Danish)

"Kig op, der kommer medicin! Her er dronerne, der skal give dig en hurtigere behandling", (in Danish)

Learn more about the project on

Drone to track and destroy the poisonous giant hogweed plant

August 2020

Henrik Skov Midtiby from the UAS Center is one of the leading partners in a project, that has developed a drone with an attached “weed wiper” that can not only detect the giant hogweed plant by using cameras and artificial intelligence, but can also destroy the plant by touching it with the weed wiper.

The idea is to use the drone as a tool, that can not only collect data, but also can be used as an active tool, that acts on the data.



The project is led by Technological Institute in cooperation with Itelligence, Nygaard-Agroconsult and SDU UAS Center.

Read the article “Dronen som værktøj: flyvende bekæmpelse af ukrudt kan give miljø- og bundlinjebesparelser” (in Danish)

We create U-Space in Denmark!

1. juli 2020

Imagine a sky where drones and traditional airborne traffic flies safely side by side, and where the drones can fly BVLOS, beyond visual line of sight of the drone pilot.

This will soon become reality, when a new Danish collaboration establishes the first U-Space in Scandinavia in the skies above HCA Airport. In future, the new U-Space will cover all of Denmark.

The first test flights will take place already this autumn and will be conducted by the innovation projects HealthDrone and SqMFarm.

Partners in the Danish U-Space project are Naviair, Danish Transport, Construction, and Housing Authority, UAS Denmark, Funen Police, HCA Airport and SDU.

SDU play a leading role in the project and researcher Kjeld Jensen from SDU UAS Center shares his thoughts here on TV2Fyn.



Fyn går forrest i nyt droneprojekt, TV2Fyn

Press release from Naviair

“Drone birds” to inspect bridges and railroads in Europe

14. June 2020

A major EU-project led by SDU will develop an automatic drone system to monitor bridges, railroads, and other critical infrastructure over the next three years. The drones will fly in swarms, photograph and analyze the constructions, harvest energy from power cables, and notify if repairs are needed.

The comprehensive project named Drones4Safety has revived a grant of 26 million DKK through the EU’s Horizon 2020 program and it will run from June 2020-2023.

The consortium is led by associate professor Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid from SDU UAS Center.

Read more here

Drones4Safety video

Drones4Safety kick-off in the media (selected coverage)

Droner skal overvåge infrastruktur, TV Avisen Morgen (00.26.50 og 01.49.12), 14. June, 2020 (in Danish)

Droner med kunstig intelligens skal selv tjekke revner i broer og jernbaner, DR Radioavisen P1/P4 kl. 9 (00:01:36), 14. June, 2020 (in Danish)

Nyt forskningsprojekt om droner, der skal hjælpe med at tjekke revner, DR P4 Regionalenyheder (fra start), 14. June, 2020 (in Danish)

Kloge droner skal selv tjekke revner i broer og jernbaner , Berlingske Tidende 14. June, 2020 (in Danish)

Kloge droner skal selv tjekke revner i broer og jernbaner,, 14. June, 2020 (in Danish)

Kloge droner skal selv tjekke revner i broer og jernbaner,, 14. June, 2020 (in Danish)

SDU and Engineers Without Borders provide face masks in Africa

17. April 2020

Scientists from the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute and the Department of Clinical Research at SDU have initiated a collaboration with Engineers Without Borders to produce and distribute face masks in Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau. The purpose is to limit contamination of COVID-19 and test the effectiveness of the masks.

Dylan Cawthorne and Kjeld Jensen play leading roles in the project.

Read the article here

Health drones are released over Funen

10. March 2020

After several months of training in the “playpen” in the UAS test center at the HCA Airport, the drones from the HealthDrone-project will now fly further into airspace.

The partnership has been authorized to undertake the first routine BVLOS-flights, and now test flights have begun.

Read the press release at

HealthDrone video


Drones to make short cut through the Arctic safe

Global warming has opened the Northeast and Northwest Passage and allowed ships to take a shortcut between Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, icebergs are still roaming and pose a danger to the ships. Now, drones are to help make the Passage safe.

Drone researcher Agus Ismail Hasan is leading the Artdrone project that aims to uncover the possibilities of using drones to map the icebergs in the area. The researchers hope to eventually be able to track all the icebergs, so they can be integrated into the global satellite-based navigation system, Galileo. This will enable ships to see the icebergs’ current position when crossing the Arctic.

Read the article Drones to make short cut through the Artic safe

SDU Eagles wins Danish Composite Award 2020

“We are a team of students passionate about engineering, seeking to push our own boundaries building an autonomous aircraft with a configuration never built before”, says a very honored team leader, André Sousa from SDU Eagles.

“This prize will help us pursuing vertical take-off and landing capabilities for our drone, which we aim to bring to the biggest student drone competition in Europe this summer, IMechE UAS Challenge 2020”.

Increased focus on research, education and innovation within drones and robots

24. February 2020

The new Danish Robot Strategy was launched at Universal Robots on 24. February. Here, Kjeld Jensen and Henrik Skov Midtiby from SDU UAS Center presented their research projects HealthDrone and Drone-based pumpkin counting to the Minister of Higher Education and Science, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, and Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen. The projects aims at using drones within healthcare and agriculture as faster, cheaper and more sustainable solutions.

Danish National Robot Strategy (in Danish)

Drone-expedition to the Arctic

Researchers from SDU UAS Center are working on the ArtDrone project on how to make the Northwest Passage between Europe and Asia safe for Arctic shipping companies by using drones to detect and navigate around icebergs.

To find out how drones react to the harsh Arctic environment, drone experts Jussi Hermansen and Erling Hansen from SDU went on an expedition to Ilulissat in Greenland in November 2019 to test a series of drones flying over the ice fiord. The main goal of the expedition was to make initial investigations on how the cold weather affected the battery endurance and to test the infrared cameras mounted on the drones.

The drone tests went well, and the collected data, that include many hours of infrared recordings of icebergs, will now be subject to further investigations at SDU. The data will expectedly be used within the ArtDrone project to develop a long-range drone equipped with ice protection systems and infrared cameras mounted in a stabilized frame.

The ArtDrone project is led by Agus Hasan from SDU UAS Center and funded by The Danish Maritime Fond.

 Read more about the ArtDrone project and the  Artic drone-expedition.

Workshop for Site Specific Weed Management

The latest progress within automation of weed identification, weed mapping and site specific control of weeds with advanced sprayers and robots, were discussed by a group of 35 international researchers at TEK. The workshop took place from 31. October to 1. November 2019 and was hosted by Henrik Skov Midtiby from the UAS Center, Svend Christensen from University of Copenhagen and Ran Lati from Newe Ya'ar Research Center Israel. The workshop is arranged as an activity in the European Weed Research Society.

Henrik Skov Midtiby is working with mapping and computer vision and the workshop was related to the research project Square Meter Farming, where drones are used to monitor the fields of Gyldensteen Gods and provide information on soil status, crop growth and biological threats.

During the workshop the participants took a field trip to Gyldensteen Gods to see with their own eyes how drones can help the farmer optimize the yield of the fields.

More about the project Square meter Farming

SDU Eagles develops sustainable drone

The drone team SDU Eagles has developed a drone to transport goods that is 30 % more energy efficient. The drone has brought the team to the University Startup World Cup finals.
31. October 2019
The ambitions seem endless for the 12 students that make up the drone team SDU Eagles. When the students started building their drone in 2018, the first major challenge was to even get it in the air. Now, both the done and the ambitions are reaching for the sky.

- We want to revolutionize the way we transport goods. We have created a drone that flies on electricity and saves 30 % energy compared to other standard drones, says SDU Eagles team leader André Rangel de Sousa, who is studying Product Development and Innovation at SDU:

- Transportation is where most of our carbon emissions come from. But what if we used the sky instead of roads? Using drones for transportation can be very energy efficient.

Read the article

Prize to SDU Eagles in IMECHE UAS Challenge

Student drone team awarded the prize for  Most Promising Team in the world’s largest drone competition

SDU Eagles competed against 32 teams from all over the world in the world’s largest drone competition for students. The team has designed a new type of fixed winged drone to be used in humanitarian aid such as transport of emergency aid to remote areas.

SDU Eagles won the prize for Most Promising Team. “The jury really liked the design and quality of our drone’s construction. We were told that we were one of the most positive, cooperating and motivated teams in the history of the competition”, says team leader André Sousa, who studies mechanical engineering at SDU.

Now, the team will refine the drone and optimize the systems before next year’s IMECHE UAS Challenge 2020.

SDU Eagles is a voluntary student association at SDU and consists of 10-12 students with a passion for drones from different educations. The team is open for more interested members. 

Find SDU Eagles on Facebook.

New Research assistant Jes Grydholdt Jepsen

30th of April, 2019

Jes Grydholdt Jepsen has been employed as Research assistant at SDU UAS Center. Some of his first projects are to integrate drones with the indoor positioning system OptiTrack and working on the maritime project Creative Sight on using drones for inspecting the exterior parts of the vessel while it is in drydock. 

Jes comes from a position as Robotics developer at Blue Ocean Robotics, where he worked in the Product Development department on various kinds of development projects within Blue Ocean Robotics and the drone company Third Element Aviation.

Jes was in 2017 among the first two Robot engineers who graduated as a Master of Engineering with specialization in Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology from SDU.

Drone maps giant hogweed

February 2019, Gartner Tidende
Original title: "Drone kortlægger kæmpebjørneklo"

Drones can be an efficient tool in fighting invasive plant species. A project at University of Southern Denmark has mapped the population of giant hogweed, to enable targeted control.

More about the InvaDrone project

New Assistant professor Maryamsadat Tahavori

January 2019

Maryamsadat Tahavori is employed as Assistant Professor at SDUUAS Center from January 15th, 2019, and will be working on Free the Drones Project (FreeD).

Maryam's research focus is on path planning, optimization and fault tolerant control of UAVs. She will also contribute to teaching at "Robot Systems with specialization in Drone Technology” education.

Maryam received her PhD from Automation & Control section, Aalborg University. She was previously employed at Center for Energy Informatics, SDU as an assistant professor.

Drones to fly blood samples and doctors between hospitals

In three years, blood samples and Medical equipment will be flown with drones between Odense, Svendborg and Ærø.  Later, drones will also transport highly specialized healthcare professionals WHO need to arrive quickly. This will ensure better treatment and save the Danish Health care system for almost DKK 200 million a year.

Read the article "Drones to fly blood samples and doctors between hospitals"

HealthDrone in the media (selected articles)

Droner skal fragte blodprøver, udstyr og læger mellem sygehuse (in Danish)
Drawing of the day 
Jyllands-posten, 24. januar 2019

Direktør efter flyvetur i lægedrone: Jeg følte mig helt tryg (in Danish), 24. januar 2019

Droner skal transportere blodprøver - og personale - mellem fynske sygehuse (in Danish)
Ingeniøren, 25. januar 2019

Nu skal droner flyve med fynske blodprøver og speciallæger (in Danish)
TV2 News broadcast, 24. januar 2019

Droner skal flyve med blodprøver og læger (in Danish)
TV2 News broadcast, 24. januar 2019

Denmark to trial inter-hospital drone deliveries (in English)
Unmanned Airspace, 24 January 2019

Denmark HealthDrone project launched (in English)
UAS Vision

Denmark HealthDrone Project Launched (in English)

New assistant professor Elzbieta Pastucha

1st of January 2019

Elzbieta Pastucha joined the SDU UAS Center on 1. January 2019 as an assistant professor within the areas of Computer vision and photogrammetry.

Elzbieta’s research interests lie within photogrammetry and its implication into drone applications, automation of spatial data processing, both images and LiDAR point clouds. The coming semester she will teach some classes on photogrammetry in the course “Robotics and Computer Vision2 for UAS”.

Elzbieta comes from a position at AGH University in Cracow, Poland in the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering, department of Photogrammetry, Geoinformation and Remote Sensing of Environment.

Autonmous drones will find faults on powerlines

18th of November 2018, Ingeniøren

A Danish research project will develop swarms of drones, that in cooperation will be able to inspect powerlines for faults. The drones will charge their batteries directly from the powerlines.

Read the article "Selvflyvende droner skal finde fejl på ledninger"

Millions to lift drone cluster

12th of November 2018,

There are big perspectives but still a long way before funen drone businessess become as successful as our robot businesses.

Dean Henrik Bindslev from Faculty of Engineering at SDU understands the skepticism, but explains that drones today are where smartphones where in 2001, when people didn't know their full potential.

Read the article "Millioner i tilskud skal løfte droneklynge" (in Danish)

14 million to intelligent drones

1st of November 2018,

Overhead power lines should be inspected by intelligent drones that can identify faults on the wires on their own and upload energy from the high voltage cables when the battery goes flat. This will greatly reduce costs for electricity companies and ensure an even more stable power supply.

Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid from SDU UAS Center has just received DKK 14 million from the Innovation Fund Denmark for the project, Drones for Energy. Together with other partners, he is responsible for developing the drone technology which companies can ultimately create a groundbreaking new business out of selling.

Read article "14 million to intelligent drones"

Research project Drones for Energy

Articles on Drones for Energy (in Danish):

Drones will ensure cheaper power

14 mio. kr. to drone research: SDU will ensure cheaper power 

Drones will inspect powerlines: Could this mean cheaper energy?

Drones ensure cheaper energy

Drones will harvest energy from power lines

New drone project will ensure cheaper energy

New PhD Student Adam Seewald

1st of November 2018

SDU UAS Center employed Adam Seewald as a PhD student within the EU-project TeamPlay from 1st of November. The topic of his PhD is "Low-power computer vision for drone systems" and his supervisors are Ulrik Pagh Schultz and Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid from the center.

Adam recently graduated from University of Verona upon his MSc thesis "Evaluation of Optimal Trajectories for Quadrotors with Indirect Methods in the presence of intermediate constraints" under the supervision of Paolo Fiorini and Fabrizio Boriero.

Adam’s main area of interests are embedded systems, robotics, aviation, and computer science.

Drones ensure 40.000 pumpkins more

17 October 2018,

By making use of new technology, Northern Europe’s largest pumpkin grower sold 40.000 pumpkins more. By means of drones, camera and image analysis, researchers from University of Southern Denmark succeeded in counting the pumpkins on the field. 

Read article "Drones ensure 40.000 pumpkins more"

TEK Teaching prize 2018 awarded to Henrik

Henrik Skov Midtiby from SDU UAS Center was awarded the TEK Teaching Prize 2018 for his great commitment within teaching and his ability to communicate highly academic material in an easily accessible manner. 

The TEK Teaching Prize is nominated by the students. As an example of Henrik’s commitment, he has created the website, that organizes teaching videos and interactive mathematical problems in smaller subjects, thus it acts as a tool for the students, who need to learn complex mathematics.

In addition to teaching, Henrik conduct research within computer vision and his communication skills made him one of the eight winners of PhD cup 2013.

Congratulations to Henrik!

Danish Defense sign drone agreement, National news broadcast, 14 September 2018

See "Forsvaret underskriver droneaftale" (in Danish)

The defense drones of the future are being created at Funen, National news broadcast, 14 September 2018

A new agreement between the Danish Defence and UAS Denmark will develop the future drones for the military

See "Fremtidens forsvarsdroner bliver skabt på Fyn" (in Danish)

60 ambassadors visited SDU UAS Test Center

21 August 2018

Danish ambassadors, who are posted all over the world daily, were invited for an inspirational tour of Funen with a focus on robots and drones. Here they visited SDU UAS Test Center at HCA Airport, where researchers and companies were ready to tell about their research and development projects and share how they look at the future in drone technology and the use of drones within areas such as agriculture, energy and health.

The Danish ambassadors facilitates cooperation between Danish and foreign research institutions and companies, and can help raise awareness of the Funen initiatives on robots and drones.









General consul in Silicon Valley help technology companies on Funen

”Think big”, said the Danish consul general Katrine Joensen from Silicon Valley, when she visited SDU UAS Test Center. Together with 60 ambassadors, she was on a tech-inspirational tour of Funen: She sees a great potential in research cooperation with Stanford and Berkeley University and important investment opportunities in the robot and drone companies of Funen.

Read the article on (in Danish)

New Research Assistant Vincent Klyverts Tofterup

Vincent Klyverts Tofterup was employed as a Research assistant at the SDU UAS Center on 1 August 2018. Before summer, Vincent graduated from the MSc in Robot Systems with a specialization in Drone Technology.

In his master thesis “Fail-Safe Module for UAS”, Vincent focused on the importance of safety, if the use of UAS is to keep growing. Vincent proposes a solution to this problem by retrofitting a parachute module on the UAS. The parachute module is controlled by a companion computer, that terminates the motor system if a failure is detected.

Vincent is interested in how UAVs can be integrated into existing systems; how they can be utilized as a tool that enhances functionality, effectivity, user experience, and the overall system performance.

Vincent will be working on the FreeD project.

New Research Assistant Tobias Lundby

SDU UAS Center hired Tobias Lundby as a Research assistant, right after his graduation from the MSc in Robot Systems where he specialized in Drone Technology.

Tobias’s master thesis topic was on UAV path planning using data based safety and efficiency parameters and his area of interest lies within the areas of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), path planning and navigation, safety and UAV design and manufacturing.

Tobias will be working on the Creative sight and Square meter farming projects and he will also be teaching, co-supervising and working within UAV safety.

SDU helps Danish police in the air with drones 7 July, 2018

Funen Police have been pioneers in using drones in their daily work, and this has been done in collaboration with SDU UAS Center. Now the drones will also fly in other police districts.

SDU hjælper dansk politi i luften med droner (in Danish)

Drones are not part of surveillance 7 July, 2018

Neither SDU UAS Center or the Funen Police department (Fyns Politi) sees drones as part of the surveillance society. On the contrary, drones will help citizens and ensure police safety.

Droner er ikke led i overvågning (in Danish)

Communication Price to Kristian Husum Terkildsen

18 June, 2018

Kristian Husum Terkildsen from SDU UAS Center won this year’s Engineer Communication prize “Ingeniørdysten” at Folkemødet 2018, where more than 100.000 visitors including politicians and researchers gathered this year.

Kristian won the competition over other Danish universities with his presentation of the AED Delivery Drone project that actually started at Folkemødet in 2017, where a visitor addressed the UAS researchers with the idea of using drones to fly out defibrillators to cardiac arrests at golf courses.

One year later, researchers and students from SDU UAS Center have developed a prototype of an autonomous AED delivery system for drones, in cooperation with companies such as Falck, Sky-Watch, OUH and Dansk Golf Union.

Congratulations to Kristian for first class communication! 

AED Delivery Drone project

Drones to inspect high-voltage cables, June 2018

Drone researchers at SDU are developing autonomous drones which can inspect overhead power lines. Equipped with camera, sensors and the ability of self-charging, the drones will replace expensive helicopters.

Read article on

New Postdoc Martin Peter Christiansen

Martin Peter Christiansen was employed as a Postdoctoral Researcher on 1 May 2018.  He has research interests in mapping, localization, and simulation of Drones and other mobile robotics systems.

Martin has experience from both academia and industry with mobile robotics systems. He comes from a postdoc position at Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, where the research focus was on agricultural field mapping. The project consisted of two parts, LiDAR-based 3D mapping of individual fields using a drone and satellite-based remote sensing.

Energy drone attracts additional funding

25 April, 2018

Emad Ebeid from SDU UAS Center succeeded in attracting 177.120DKK from Energi Fyns Udviklingsfond (Energy Funen Development Fund).

The funds will support the development of drones that are able to inspect and charge directly from powerlines and is part of the SDU Strategic Focus project Drones for Energy.


Drones will kick the patients out of the hospitals

April 2018, MedicoTeknik

In future drones can help keeping patients out of the hospitals by shortening the hospitalisation period and helping patients to treatment in own home.

Patients could for instance do their own blod samples and send them by drones to the hospital.

Another scenario is drones delivering medicine, blod samples or medical equipment between the different hospital departments.

Article in Medicoteknik (in Danish)

In future defibrillators comes flying

March 2018, Hjerteliv

SDU UAS Center is testing drones to bring out debrillators in remote areas

Article in Hjerteliv (in Danish)

AED Drone project

First drone out of SDU Composite Lab

21 February, 2018

Already before the composite lab in HCA Airport is finished, it has resulted in a successfully flying drone.

Dylan Cawthorne from SDU UAS Center experimented with using the new composite 3D printer to build a lightweight and aerodynamic drone with few parts: one single-piece wing and one-piece body.

The resulting drone weighs 150 grams and has a wingspan of 30 cm. The drone is designed to transport small cargo up to 10 grams, like medication.

After a few test flights and some adjustments of the balance point and propeller size, the drone is now flying successfully.


  • The drone was printed on a MarkForged MarkTwo composite 3D printer at SDU UAS Test Center
  • Wing print time: 12 hrs.
  • Fuselage print time: 5 hrs.

New Assistant Professor Hector Garcia de Marina

Hector Garcia de Marina is employed as Assistant Professor at SDU UAS Center from 1 February 2018.

Hector specializes in drone guidance, navigation and control systems and is among other things working with drone swarms. Additionally, Hector is one of the active developers in the open-source project Paparazzi for unmanned aerial systems.

He comes from a postdoc position at École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile in Toulouse, France, and obtained his PhD at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands.

Researchers test people's reaction to drones

19 January, 2018

The altitude of  the flight is a deciding factor in whether drones are a disturbance and a cause for concern when they fly over people's houses and gardens.

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Drones and robots on the schedule in high school

A new cooperation between Mulernes Legatskole in Odense, The Laboratory for Coherent Education and Learning at Faculty of Science and SDU UAS Center at the Faculty of Engineering will put drones and robots on the schedule in the high school's math-physics-chemistry study program.

The partners have a common interest in strengthening and motivating the student’s interest in science and technical educations.


“The collaboration is a unique opportunity to bring research and education closer together, and thereby integrating knowledge from latest research on drones and robots in education," says Brad Beach, Head of SDU UAS Center.

Read article(in Danish)

Ph.D. position

A Ph.D. position for the Horizon 2020 project "Teamplay" on low energy computing in Drone systems has opened up at the SDU UAS Center.

Ph.D. advert

New Deputy Head of Center

Christian Klit Johansen is new Deputy Head of SDU UAS Center from 1 December 2017.

Christian comes from a position as Business developer at SDU RIO with special interests in robots, drones, and 3D print and has been part of creating four spin-out companies.

Before that he took part in starting up TEK Innovation and he has a history as project manager in RoboCluster.

Danish drone industry ready to take-off

2 December 2017, Mandag Morgen

Read article on Danish)

Best Paper

Emad Ebeid and Martin Skriver from SDU UAS Center had their paper “A Survey on Open-Source Flight Control Platforms of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” selected as Best Paper. The paper was presented at EuroMicro DSD 2017 Conference in Vienna.

The selected paper will be published in a special issue of the ISI indexed Euromicro/Elsevier journal “Microprocessors and Microsystems: Embedded Hardware Design” (MICPRO) having the 2016 Impact Factor as high as 1.025

Drones from SDU count pumpkins

19 October, 2017, TV2 National News

Drones keep track of the pumpkins

18 October, 2017

Drones help Northern Europe’s largest pumpkin farmer at Gyldensteen Gods to count their pumpkins. Researches from SDU UAS Center has developed a computer program that inform the farmer how many pumpkins he can sell for Halloween.

Read the article at (in Danish)

Drones spot the best pumpkins

18 October, 2017

SDU UAS Center has developed a computer program that, with the help of drones, can count the good pumpkins at Gyldensteen Gods and thus minimize waste. The  computer program will be made available to other farmes and will, in the long term, be able to count other crops and plants.

Read the article on (in Danish)

Drones with defibrillators

10 October, 2017,

News broadcast

Drones fly with defibrillators

10 October, 2017

Students at University of Southern Denmark are developing a drone to deliver a defibrillator at a golf course in Bogense.

The Defibrillator Associations of Northern Funen hope, that drones in future can ensure rapid cardiac assistance in the outer regions.

 Student model of defibrillator drone on golf course

Read article on (in Danish)

Live Demo Day HCA Airport kicked off TUS Nordic 2017

10 October, 2017

Drone players such as Drone Volt, RobSense Aalborg University, Elistar, Sky-Watch and SDU UAS Center presented and demonstrated their latest unmanned aircrafts and aerial systems at SDU Test Center, HCA Airport, on 10 October 2017.

The Live Demo Day marked the beginning of TUS Nordic 2017 that takes place in Odense Congress Center on 11-12 October.

In the future drones fly with defibrillators

A cooperation between SDU UAS Center and De Nordfynske Hjertestarterforeninger (Northern Funen Defibrillator association) will develop a drone that can fly with defibrillators.

Master students from Drone Technology at SDU are working on a reliable system for drone delivery of defibrillators on the HCA Golf course in Bogense, Northern Funen.


Read article on

Special Consultant in Drones Jussi Hermansen

Jussi Hermansen is employed as Special Consultant at SDU UAS Center from October 1, 2017, where he works on several research projects including FreeD and EcoDrone.

Jussi is the founder of Viacopter, an online company that supplies drone solutions and systems. Jussi is originally educated as journalist and is  furthermore a board member in DroneDanmark.

Jussi’s daily workplace is at the SDU UAS Test Center at HCA Airport.

Kjeld Jensen awarded TEK Innovation Price 2017

An innovative mindset, excellent collaboration skills and a hard worker, was some of the words that Søren Elmer Kristensen from TEK Innovation used to describe Kjeld Jensen before handing over the TEK Innovation Price 2017.

Kjeld Jensen from SDU UAS Center was awarded the prize for his abilities within strategic partnerships and for his innovative and important research activities focusing on creating value for society. This makes him a worthy recipient of the TEK Innovation Price 2017.

Research Assistant Kristian Husum Terkildsen

Kristian Husum Terkildsen was employed as Research Assistant at SDU UAS Center on July 1, 2017, where he works on several research projects including FreeD, EcoDrone and General Public's Privacy Concerns Regarding Drone Use in Residential and Public Areas.

Kristian is one of the first graduates from the Civil Engineering in Robot Systems Engineering with specialization in Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology from SDU.

Approvals and Regulations manager Henning Mussegaard

Henning Mussegaard was appointed manager of Approvals and Regulations at SDU UAS Center on July 1, 2017. Henning is a trained pilot and worked for SAS for several years. He comes from a position in UAS Denmark, where he educated drone enthusiasts in laws and regulations in order for them to obtain professional drone license.

Henning’s daily workplace is at the SDU UAS Test Center at HCA Airport.

Emad Ebeid appointed senior member of IEEE

21 June, 2017

The appointment welcome Emad from SDU UAS Center in the exclusive club that includes only 7 percent of the 431,000 worldwide members of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).

Emad specializes in embedded electronics for drone technology and the senior membership is a recognition of professional maturity and sustained achievements.

Link to IEEE

Ph.D. Defense for Mads Dyrmann

Tuesday 27 June, 2017 at 13:00
Lamarr -Ø-29-602-2, Campusvej 55
Defense title: Automatic Detection and Classification of Weed Seedlings under Natural Light Conditions

Grant for drone-based pumpkin counting

15 May, 2017

Every year, the Funen pumpkin grower Gyldensteen Gods undertakes a large waste of pumpkins, because they do not know the exact number of pumpkins in the field before harvesting.


In a new cooperation, Henrik Skov Midtiby from SDU UAS Center will use pictures of the pumpkin fields taken by a drone to count the actual number of pumpkins using simple image analysis.


The drone-based pumpkin counting means that Gyldensteen Gods in advance will know how many pumpkins they have available and therefore can sell all their pumpkins and avoid waste. 


Gyldensteen Gods grow pumpkins on 80 hectares of land, resulting in around 400.000 pumpkins, harvested and packed in 6 weeks. 

Energy Funen’s Development Fund supports the project with 140.000 DKK.

Denmark's first international test center officially opened

8 May 2017
Ministers, drone companies, and researchers were gathered in SDU's new drone hangar for the opening of Denmark's new drone center, UAS Denmark, and the airspace dedicated to the flying and testing of drones.

Read the article on

DroneLab opens three big laboratories

6 May, 2017 

SDU UAS Center opens three laboratories for plastics and composits in HCA Airport, Odense. This creates a new environment for drone tests and development. At the same time SDU's engineering students get to learn about composites hands-on.

Read the article in Plast (in Danish)

Government designates large airspace on Funen for drones

5 May, 2017 

867 square kilometers of airspace dedicated to drones. Fast approval process for drones, and researchers and laboratories close by. Combined, these factors will ensure the best conditions for growth in the drone industry.

Read the article on

Space and millions to drones: New energy to the drone adventure at Funen 

5 May, 2017

Drones get a 900 km2 playground and the flight approval process in HCA Airport will be faster and easier - at the same time SDU  moves in and expects to invest up to 100 mio. DKK in Beldringe.

Read the article (in Danish) and hear the interview (in English) at

The drones get first priority to fly in airspace over Northern Funen

5. May 2017 

A great part of the airspace over Nortern Funen is now dedicated to drones and the new international test center at HCA Airport.

Read the article at

Drone Airbag

16 March, 2017

Dylan Cawthorne from SDU UAS Center has developed a drone airbag demonstrated for the Minister of Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind.

Watch the video at youtube

SDU awards DKK 60 million to selected research areas

6 March 2017

Three areas have such high growth potential for the benefit of society that the University is now awarding them an additional financial boost. These areas are drones, welfare innovation and open data.

Read article on

Talk by Henrik S. Midtiby at INTED17 Conference, Valencia

Taking pride in good and innovative teaching methods, researcher Henrik Skov Midtiby from SDU UAS Center participated in the 11th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED17), March 2017.

Henrik gave a presentation on “Student’s benefit from video with interactive quizzes in a first-year calculus course”, discussing his experiences within interactive teaching.

Watch the præsentation on youtube

SDU UAS Center organizes session on System design for intelligent systems at DSD 2017 conference, Vienna

Emad Ebeid from the SDU UAS Center organizes a special session on drone technologies and system design for intelligent systems, at the 20thEuromicro Conference on Digital System Design 2017 (DSD 2017).

The scope of the special session addresses the heterogeneity in system design, supporting a better design of intelligent systems.

The conference takes place in Vienna 30 Aug. – 1 Sept., 2017.

Paper submission deadline: 15 April 2017
Link for Conference:

For more information please contact Emad Ebeid, assistant professor, SDU UAS Center

SDU UAS  Center at Folkemødet on Bornholm 2017

For this year's Folkemødet  we will bring lots of hands-on activities for both kids and adults to show everybody the curious world of flying robots.

More information on our actitivites and talks will be available during spring.

Danish Science Festival 2017

SDU UAS Center will again this year contribute to the Danish Science Festival (Forskningens Døgn), 24-28 April. Last year we had a hands-on workshop "Build a drone", where kids as well as adults could build and fly their own drone.

Keep yourself updated on this year's activities. The program will be available soon.

Minister of Higher Education and Science visits SDU UAS Center

9 February 2017

On his first official visit to SDU Søren Pind, Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science, took time to come by the DroneLab to get an introduction on current and future initiatives from the SDU UAS Center.

At the end of the visit, Søren Pind showed his talents in drone flying – you never get too old to play.

Foto: Michael Katballe

View the video on Youtube

Søren Pinds visit to SDU


New Assistant professor Emad Ebeid

Emad Ebeid is employed in the SDU UAS Center from 1 January 2017 within Embedded Electronics and will be working on Free the Drones project (FreeD). Emad comes from a position at Aarhus Universitet.


New Assistant professor Agus Hasan

Agus Hasan is employed as Assistant professor within Control Theory from 1 December 2016 and will be working closely on Free the Drones project (FreeD). Agus was previously employed at NTNU (Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet) in Norway.


Drone Center moves into 2250 square metres hangar, 09 December 2016

A massive hangar in HCA Airport is to provide the framework for SDU's commitment to drones and make the airport a beacon for the development and testing of drones.

Read article on


Drone research: Odense gets the benefit of the 25 million DKK, 4 November 2016

A united parliament agreed that 25 million DKK should go to Space and Drone research in 2017. It may come Odense's already well-developed drone environment for good

ead article on

Launch of Denmark's National Drone Strategi

Minister of Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs and Minister of Transport and Building Hans Christian Schmidt announced Denmark's New Drone Strategy at SDU on 23 September 2016.

  About the Drone Strategy event on SDU


E-16 Elektronikmesse

SDU UAS Center have a stand together with UAS Test Center Denmark at the big Electronics fair at Odense Congress Center  from 6-8 September.

8 September:
13.30-14.00: Kjeld Jensen: Drones "Size, Weight and Power", Talk in Hal C

Future farming is an apartment building run by robots, 6 September 2016

Interview with Henrik Midtiby, SDU UAS Center, about automation in farming.


Jes dreams of a future with drones

Business Fyn, 30 August 2016

Jes Jepsen is among the first students at University of Southern Denmark to specialize in drone technology. In a year he will be one the first people to have Engineer with specialization in drones on his business card.

Business Fyn (in Danish)


New PhD student Katarina Borovina

Katarina Borovina started her PhD project in August 2016 within biomimetic control of drones for BVLOS flight. Katarina’s principal supervisor is Professor John Hallam and co-supervisor is Associate Professor Jerome Jouffroy. The PhD project is part of Free the Drones project (FreeD).


SDU centres leads new visionary project for Danish companies, 7 July 2016

"Innovation på vinger" (innovation on wings) aims to strengthen Danish Companies' initiatives within innovation and drones. The project is supported by Industriens Fond that wishes to help companies in Denmark benefit from the opportunities in the drone area.

For more information (in Danish)


Project Manager: Drone ideas must have air

Business Fyn, 30 August 2016

 Industriens Fond has granted 4 mio.  DKK to a new projects, that will strengthen the innovation in the Danish drone industry. Project manager is University of Southern Denmark in cooperation with UAS Denmark.

Business Fyn (in Danish)


Drones at a higher level

Business Fyn, 30 August 2016

 When SDU in 2015 launched the Master of science programme in drone technology it was the first of its kind in Europe and the interest from students is great.

Business Fyn (in Danish)


New Associate professor

Jerome Jouffroy is from July 2016 associated to the SDU UAS Center in a 40% associate professorship within control systems working on the Freed the Drones project (FreeD).
Jerome’s main association is with SDU Mechatronics at the Mads Clausen Institute in Sønderborg.


Denmark project pairs drones and ladybirds, 2 June 2016

Could ladybird drones be the answer to reducing pesticide use? Danish researchers are developing an insect-dropping "eco-drone" for use in organic farming.

For more information


Drones will bomb vermins with ladybugs and predatory mites

University of Southern Denmark will develop an EcoDrone, that can carry and spread ladybugs and predatory mites instead of pesticides. The EcoDrone will ensure efficient ecological production and reduce crop's loss of value due to insects.

More information in the media below (in Danish):,,,,


Folkemødet på Bornholm 2016

Come visit us in UAS Denmark's stand on Saturday and Sunday (18-19 June). There will be lots of drone talks and activities.

Official program:                                                                                                
17 June: Danmarks droner – Droner i Danmark, Kjeld Jensen, Ingeniørteltet
18 June: Tendenser i droneforskning, Brad Beach, UAS Denmark Stand
19 June: Dronerne kommer!, Brad Beach and Henrik Bindslev (TEK Dean), Advice tent
19 June: Droners fremtid i Danmark, Brad Beach, UAS Denmark Stand

Ministers visit the Drone Lab

Danish and Greenlandic Transport Ministers Hans Christian Schmidt and Knud Kristiansen visits the Dronelab together with Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam on 10 June 2016. 
Dronetechnology students will demonstrate their drones and the Ministers will have the chance to fly their own drones.

Nordic Drone Games 2016, June 1

Join us at the Nordic Drone Games where we are blocking the airspace over HCA Airport for lots of Drone Demos and Games. You can network, meet the experts, get feedback on business ideas, challenge yourself and lots of other exciting drone stuff.

SDU UAS Center will host a Drone Game and Brad Beach will give a status on the progress of Drone Regulations in Denmark.

Nordic Drone Games 2016 programme

Drones to spread ladybirds, 30 May 2016

Pests are to be fought with ladybirds and mites instead of pesticides. The University of Southern Denmark is to develop an ecodrone that will combat pests in completely new ways.

For more information


Drones instead of pesticides, 29 May 2016

Kasper Hallenborg, Head of Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute, is interviewed about the EcoDrone that spreads ladybirds instead of pesticides.

Watch the interview (in Danish)

Nordic UAS Event 2016 (NUE16), June 2-3

SDU UAS Center will have two stands at the NUE16, which is the largest Unmanned Aircraft Systems expo, conference and demo in Northern Europe gathering end-users and industry specialists from the Nordic countries and around the world.

Nordic UAS Event 2016

RoboBusiness Europe 2016

SDU UAS Center will take part in RoboBusiness Europe in Odense from June 1-3 2016.

Brad Beach will chair session 6: Technology: The Future is Unmanned: In the Air and Underwater and give a talk on: Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Unmanned Systems: Air, Ground, Sea & Space.

RoboBusiness Europe is a business develop conference and exhibition with more than 100 exhibitors, 1000 attendees and over 120 speakers.

For more Information

XPONENTIAL 2016, New Orleans

Brad Beach and Kjeld Jensen represents SDU UAS Center at the Danish Pavilion on the world leading UAS Event on 2-5 May in New Orleans.

The Danish Pavilion showcase the UAS Industry developing in Denmark by exhibitors Skywatch, UAS Test Center Denmark, DTU, AAU and SDU.

EXPONENTIAL attracts 7,000 attendees, 600 plus exhibitors and 250 plus press and media, making it the largest Unmanned Systems event for everything unmanned – air, ground and maritime, defense and commercial.


Airbus is landing on Funen, 12 April 2016

Co-operation between SDU UAS Center and Airbus Defense & Space gives master students the opportunity to be trained in the construction and development of Eurofighter at the Airbus factories in Germany.

For more information (in Danish)

Workshop: National Strategy on Development and Application of Drones

SDU UAS is co-hosting a workshop on 6 April 2016 arranged by Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation).

Invited speakers and participants will elaborate on a national strategy for drones within areas such as education, research and development, industry, internationalization, standardizations and public use of drones.

Venue: Cortex Park, SDU, Odense, April 6, 2016

Fund Invests Heavily in Robots for Aircraft Manufacturing, 3 February 2016

Loads of manual work are coming to an end, when the company Terma Aerostructures starts building panels to the aircraft industry with the help of researchers from three Danish universities.

For more information.


Research project will enable drones to fly free, 19 January 2016

The use of drones is severely limited by the need for visual contact between a pilot and his drone, but a new research project will make drones so safe that they can fly free. It could be the embryo of an idea for a new business adventure.

For more information


Millions to Danish drone research, 19 January 2016

SDU UAS Center has been granted 10 mio. DKK for the research project Free the Drones (FreeD). The goal of the project is to develop technologies that enables drones to navigate freely and safely beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

For more information (in Danish)


SDU will shape the future of drone technology with groundbreaking study programme

Faculty of Engineering, 14 April 2015

SDU (University of Southern Denmark) is launching a Master of Science in Engineering study programme specialising in drone technology - the first of its kind in Europe. The engineers of tomorrow who will deliver solutions for the rapidly growing drone industry will be educated here.

Click here for more information


Flying Robots: SDU is taking on Drones, 25 February 2015

Drones are not only a new tool, they are also fun to control.

Click here for more information (in Danish).


Drone Course at University of Southern Denmark

Ingeniøren, 2 January 2015

Denmark's first training course in drone technology starts in February 2015 inviting students as well as others having an interest in the subject.

Click here for more information (in Danish).


Researchers Preparing Denmark for a Drone Future

TV2 Fyn, 29 December 2014

The big gadget hit under the Christmas tree this year has been drones. The remote-controlled flying toy is really a tool that we need to learn how to make the best possible use of according to scientists from the University of Southern Denmark, who now starts a new, open course in drone technology.

Click here for more information (in Danish).


Now You Can Learn How to Fly Drones

Fyens, 29 December 2014

University of Southern Denmark now offers courses in drone flying - the initiative is the first of its kind in Denmark.

Click here for more information (in Danish).

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