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Square Meter Farming

Farmers have always studied their soil and crops to optimize the quality and yield of the fields. However, this knowledge has so far been limited to being made from the ground.

In near future, drones can be used to monitor the fields and provide information on soil status, crop growth and biological threats.

Project goals

In project Square meter Farming (SqM-Farm), we use artificial intelligence based on data from sensors on drones, robots, and satellites to help the farmer optimize the yield of the fields.

Project details

The data collection with drones takes place on a weekly flight over the fields of Gyldensteen Estate on Northern Funen, which lies within the dedicated drone flying zones.

The Cumulus drone from Sky-Watch uses camera-based sensors to collect information on the crop’s health and growth on square meter level throughout the entire growth season.

The researchers develop a decision support system, that converts the collected data to easy-to-use information for the farmer .

The information helps the farmer to decide where and when a given field should receive treatment against attacks from for instance mould.

Future perspective

In near future, the project will enable farmers to use robots, drones and satellites to inspect their crops and to cost-effectively improve the quality and yield of their fields.

SqM-Farm emphasizes the development of affordable and easy-to-use solutions that can be used widely in agriculture.

Supported by

Total budget is 21,9 mio. DKK, whereof 14,8 mio. DKK comes from The Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP), Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark.


Agrointelli, Fieldsense, Conpleks ApS, Gyldensteen Gods, Aarhus University, TEK Innovation and SDU UAS Center.

Project periode

January 2018 - December 2022


Henrik Skov Midtiby, SDU UAS Center

Last Updated 16.11.2021