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Square Meter Farming

In the project Square meter Farming (SqM-Farm), we use artificial intelligence based on data from sensors on drones, robots, and satellites to help the farmer optimize the yield of the fields.

Drone collects data

The data collection takes place on a weekly flight over the fields of Gyldensteen Estate, Northern Funen, which lies within the dedicated drone flying zones of HCA Airport (OD 1, OD2, and OD3).  

SDU's mobile operations vehicle has served as a base for the operations at Gyldensteen.


The drone uses camera-based sensors to collect information on the crop’s health and growth on square meter level throughout the entire growh season.

Data from drones help farmers

Using the data, the researchers develop a decision support system, that converts the collected data to easy-to-use information for the farmer .

The information helps the farmer to decide where and when a given field should receive treatment against attacks from for instance mould.

Planned flight pattern that ensures enough overlap between images so they can later be combined into an orthomosaic. 

Project period

January 2018 - December 2022

Supported by

Total budget is 21,9 mio. DKK, whereof 14,8 mio. DKK comes from The Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP), Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark.


Agrointelli, Fieldsense, Conpleks ApS, Gyldensteen Gods, Aarhus University, TEK Innovation and SDU UAS Center.

For more information

Contact Henrik Skov Midtiby from SDU UAS Center


Results from the SqM-Farm project

See our flyer for a short introduction to the SqM-Farm project (only in Danish)


SqM-Farm Statistics

  • 151 Flights from March 2018 - June 2021         
  • Total flight time: 99 hrs. 46 min 
  • 3883 km of flight 
  • 8 BVLOS-flights 
  • Longest BVLOS flight: 55km
  • SORA that permits BVLOS-flights in OD1, OD2, and OD3 since fall 2020 

Last Updated 29.03.2023