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International Drone Summer School 2022 at SDU

Excited engineering students from abroad and from SDU participated in this years International Drone Summer School at SDU from 8th-19th of August.

The students worked hard on designing and developing a drone capable of conducting autonomous environmental monitoring operations. This included construction of the drone (Pixhawk flight controller) and a camera payload (Raspberry Pi) as well as computer vision algorithms (OpenCV) for automatic post processing of the recorded images to identify specific objects.

The hard work paid off! All student teams succeeded in performing a fully autonomous flight demo at the UAS Denmark Test Center in HCA Airport and presented impressive results at the exam.

We are looking forward to next years Drone Summer School in August 2023.


Information on SDU International Summer Schools

Please go to the website for SDU International Summer Schools and keep yourself updated on future Drone Summer Schools.


Last Updated 29.03.2023