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DK Energy Live Lab

Project Description

Denmark is characterized by a relatively energy-efficient housing stock, a high and increasing amount of renewable energy, the world's highest share of district heating, a progressive development and roll-out within gas solutions and systems, and a strong position within a wide range of energy-efficient technologies. With an ambition to achieve 50% renewable energy in the energy supply by 2030, there is a need to invest at system level across supply types, in order to achieve the goal without compromising on, for example, security of supply or the economy. The increasing amount of fluctuating renewable energy as well as the focus on an electrified society puts the electricity grid under pressure. There is a need for integration with the other supply types so that energy storage, buffers, new technologies and business models can be identified, tested and implemented in the existing system.

The purpose of the project is to establish an ‘Energy Live Lab - Vejle Nord’, where relevant smart energy solutions can be tested and demonstrated in one existing urban area, based on existing supply infrastructures, buildings and consumers. Establishment of the platform Energy Live Lab aims to stimulate innovation collaborations, create optimizations and synergies, across the types of supply, and thereby support the development of Denmark's future energy system.

Project Summary
Projekt period March 1. 2018 to December 31. 2020
Total budget 1.110.000 DKK
Funding agency Energi-, Forsynings-, og Klima Ministeriet
Organization managing the project CLEAN Cluster
SDU project manager Christian T. Veje
Additional partners - CLEAN Cluster
- TREFOR El-net A/S
- TREFOR Varme A/S
- Dansk Gas Distribution
- Vejle Spildevand
- Green Tech Center

Sidst opdateret: 06.01.2023