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Department of Economics

Karol Jan Borowiecki

Competing for equality: Gender and racial disparities in classical music competitions since 1980


Karol Jan Borowiecki
DKK 298,000
Forum Vies Mobiles / Mobile Lives Forum - MLF

Tourism flows in European destinations during and after the Covid-19 pandemic
The project “TOURism flows in European destinations during and after the Covid-19 pandemic” (TOURCO) will use computer-based algorithms to scrap large unique data on tourism flows from various online sources. The project will cover periods before the Covid-19 pandemic, during it and after the pandemic (the “re-opening") of three European countries (France, Spain and Denmark). These data make it possible to capture pre-trends and also changes that are a result of the pandemic. TOURCO will pose and address several novel research questions, including to what degree has tourism activity decreased during the pandemic and how quickly is it rebouncing most recently? How has the traveling distances changed due to the pandemic? Has the pandemic pushed tourism flows more permanently to the periphery, that is away from crowded top-destinations?