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About the institute

The Department of Law offers the traditional degree in law alongside a combined HA (jur)/MSc (Econ) course. The traditional law degree is offered both as a full-time and as a part-time course. In addition, the department is responsible for the teaching of other legal subjects offered at SDU, e.g. on the MSc in Business Economics and Auditing and the diploma programmes.
To satisfy its aim of offering research-based courses, the department has a broad research profile and covers all areas of law. In addition to the broad based research in the principal fields of the law, the department is working on a number of focus areas with a strong research profile.
Dialogue and cooperation with the surrounding society is important for the department, and it is open to any form of knowledge exchange and collaboration.


Below, you will find an extract from our strategy for 2020-2024:

The vision at the Department of Law is to participate in shaping and impacting on the society of the future and to contribute to creating a sustainable world through
Creating new and relevant legal research results of high quality
Educating a diverse pool of talent which turns into talented and requested graduates 
Interacting and cooperating with the surrounding society
Communicating and exchanging our research-based knowledge
We want to be an attractive collaborator for both research colleagues, students, employers and other stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.

Research: Based on the challenges of society and through collaboration – across professional competencies, across our organization and in close dialogue with our surroundings – we want to conduct high-quality research and through this deliver relevant new knowledge, which is reflected in our programmes and is of relevance to both the employers and society in general.
Education: Based on the development of society, the needs of the employers and the potential of the students, we offer research-based and contemporary programmes – as regards both the content and the pedagogy used. Our educational activities must be high-quality and reflect the technological development, and our educational environment must mirror the department’s values concerning presence, openness and respect.

Knowledge exchange: We want to bring our research results into play and to put our research and expertise at the disposal of stakeholders through knowledge exchange in relevant forums and through dialogue and cooperation with external stakeholders. By this means, we can ensure that knowledge created at the department leads to discussions and quality assurance as regards legislation, legal decision-making processes and the social debate.

Last Updated 21.02.2024