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Legal advise

Collaboration agreements

The legal advisers at SDU RIO offer advise regarding negotiation of contracts.

If companies or organisations enter a collaboration with a researcher at SDU, the university is subject to a number of legal obligations.

The legislative framework must be established, and the parties' expectations must be clarified before cooperation.

Processing of personal data

Employees at SDU who need to use personal data in research projects must register this before the data is collected. 

When personal data is processed on behalf of another data controller, a data processing agreement must be entered into.

If a project changes or the project transfers data to a third party then it must be registered.

Forms have been moved to intranet

Go to the Research Support Hub to register a research project, report a change or transfer of data.

Here, SDU researchers can also find a form that must be filled out prior to a collaboration with a company or organisation.

For employees at SDU and the regions

Go to the Research Support Hub and find information from Legal Services. Here you can also get help with other administrative tasks.

Go to Legal Services

Last Updated 16.05.2024