Master of Science in Health (Occupational Therapy)

  • This Programme is taught in Danish
  • This Programme is offered in Odense

During your Master's degree programme in Occupational Therapy you will acquire the latest knowledge within the motion sciences, common-day and welfare technologies, occupational therapy as a tool for the promotion of health, as well as evidence-orientation and development opportunities within the future of occupational therapy. 

You will also learn how projects are practically designed, executed, managed and implemented in real life – whilst at the same time receiving an education that can be used within the entire health sector.

The course of study will provide you with new knowledge, which is both practical and development-oriented, as well as skills and competencies within occupational therapy and the motion sciences and related to current health and societal conditions.

The Master's degree programme in Occupational Therapy combines all this with a strong academic profile in scientific methods, whilst offering you the tools you need to develop quality and evidence-based, activity-oriented occupational therapy theories, tools and methods.
With the course of study you will be prepared to lead and develop the future of occupational therapy, while at the same time receiving tools that you can use in general for positions within the health-related scene.