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Diplomas from SDU

The diploma

The graduate kan acces the diploma from the Digital Diploma Mailbox. From the Digital Diploma Mailbox, the graduate may submit the diploma to a potential employer (third party), or allow third party to retrieve the diploma directly from the Digital Diploma Mailbox. The graduate may also download the diploma and store it locally, and send it as email attachment. Finally, the graduate may elect to print the diploma and submit it in a paper copy.

The diploma is issued as a series of PDF documents. A complete diploma consists of up to 6 different files:

  • A discription of the digital diploma
  • Description of the degree obtained
  • Transcript
  • Competence Profile (DK, seperate document)
  • Competence Profile (UK, seperate document)
  • Diploma supplement (UK, seperate document)  

See an example of a diploma

See an example of the Diploma Supplement

How do I verify that the digital diploma is genuine?

  • If you access the digital certificate directly from the SDU server because the graduate has granted you access via the Digital Diploma Mailbox, the diploma will always be valid.
  • If you have received the diploma as an e-mail or paper mail, you can easily verify the diploma through the included verification link.

On all pages of the digital diploma, you will find a verification link. By clicking the link, or entering it into an internet browser, you will be able to retrieve the original diploma from the SDU server.

If there is no verification link on the diploma or you if you are unable to retrieve the original diploma from the SDU server when clicking/entering the link, the diploma can not be regarded as valid.

If you are still in doubt about the validity of the diploma, please refer to Educational Law & Registration at SDU, via SPOC or at phone 65501059.

Paper diplomas

All diplomas from SDU have been issued as a digital document, as of  January 2018.  A few selected diplomas are still issued on paper, due to technical reasons. At SDU, a paper diploma is valid only if it is embossed with the official SDU stamp. 

Before January 2018, diploma's from SDU were issued as paper documents. 

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Last Updated 02.06.2021