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Burcak Aktürk Ari
Effects of an intervention program on language and emergent literacy skills of preschoolers: Variability in benefits
Supervisor: Anders Højen
Contact: +45 6550 3585, e-mail:

Julia Rytter Dakwar
Project: An examination of multimodal interaction and multimodal meaning potential in the case of shopping online and offline
Supervisor: Morten Boeriis
Contact: +45 6550 9264, e-mail: 

Marie-Theres Fester

Project: Experiencing others: a temporal-embodied perspective on human presence in global communication
Supervisor: Stephen Cowley
Contact: +45 6550 7213, e-mail:


Matthew Harvey
Replacing representations in the language sciences
Supervisor: Stephen Cowley
Contact: +45 6550 9431, e-mail:

Gayanga Bandara Herath

Project: Improvisation in organizations
Supervisor: Davide Secchi
Contact: +45 6550 2618, e-mail:

Ditte Lund Iversen

Supervisor: Sharon Millar
Contact: +45 6550 9662, e-mail:


Malene Jensen
Sarah Bro Trasmundi
+45 6550 2270, e-mail:

Malte Lebahn

Project: The Emergence of Medication Errors in Organizational Ecologies
Supervisor: Sune Vork Steffensen
Contact: +45 6550 3843, e-mail: 

Alfonso Pizarro Ramirez

Supervisor: Stephen Cowley
Contact: +45 6550 3982, e-mail:


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