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Cancer and Inflammation Research

Research in the department is performed on a high international level within the area of cancer and the immune system by using innovative molecular and biomedical technologies to increase the understanding of mechanisms within important diseases, and furthermore develop new and more individualized treatments.

The department is bridging between the clinical departments at Odense University Hospital and the more basic science oriented departments at the Faculty of Science. Research is communicated through highly estimated peer-reviewed international journals to the health sector and the society. The department teaches medical, chiropractor, and biomedical students. They are taught basic biomedical courses e.g. immunology, molecular and cell biology and cancer biology.

The mission of the department is to manage research at a high international level and to perform teaching within areas like cancer and inflammation. Through interdisciplinary basic and translatory bio medical research we wish to improve knowledge in terms of diseases, develop new treatments and tests to try and reach the best and most optimal individualised treatment to patients with cancer or inflammation conditions.

The department’s vision is to be a central piece in the development of innovative strategies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer and inflammation conditions.

The department’s shared visions are to maintain and improve:

An international position as leading researchers within cancer and inflammation research.

We wish to achieve this leading international position through interdisciplinary research projects by involving different scientific methods and competences.

Interdisciplinary research cooperation with basic scientific disciplines, hospital departments, biotech, and pharmaceutical industry with a view to health promotion through improved treatment.

The attraction of research resources at home and abroad, including prioritizing long-term project means. Opportunities to chase new or unexpected thoughts or observations in terms of research.

Offer educations that may attract several well-qualified students.

A national position as the start-up of development within nutrition and health promotion.

A creative research environment with widespread research interaction.

A healthy work environment as well as the opportunity for retention, use and development of the employees’ competences.

Department of Cancer and Inflammation Research is a research unit of the Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Head of cancer research professor Henrik Ditzel
Head of inflammation research professor Søren Moestrup

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