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Department of Molecular Medicine

The Department of Molecular Medicine (IMM) was formed in 2010 by a reorganization of the Department of Medical Biology and the Medical Biotechnology Center. The aim was to focus research efforts within three new research units:

Cardiovascular and Renal Research
Cancer and Inflammation Research
Neurobiology Research

Through these three research units the department generates new knowledge on the function of the human body and disease mechanisms, thereby contributing to improved human health. Research at a high international level is carried out in disciplines that include brain research, research in the immune system, cardiovascular and renal research and research in cancer and stem cells.

The department's strength is innovative molecular and biomedical research that increases our knowledge on body functions, increases the understanding of the etiology of important diseases and helps to develop new treatments for diseases. The department focuses on translational research forming a bridge between the clinically-oriented research environment at Odense University Hospital and the more basic research-oriented environment at the Faculty of Natural Science. Research is published in high-impact international journals, for communication to healthcare institutions and to the broader community. The department teaches medical students, chiropractors and other health professionals in basic biomedical disciplines, including anatomy, neurobiology, physiology, pharmacology, immunology, molecular and cell biology and microbiology.

The Department of Molecular Medicine includes the Biomedical Laboratory. Here special focus is on work with genetically modified mice, which creates an important foundation for innovative molecular and biomedical research at IMM and other units of the University of Southern Denmark. The Biomedical Laboratory contributes pre- and postgraduate education for SDU and OUH.

The Department of Molecular Medicine offers a working environment where ethics and safety are a priority, and we aim to achieve our goals in a trustworthy and innovative milieu.

Head of department professor Boye Jensen


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Department of Molecular Medicine University of Southern Denmark

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