Sofie Pedersen

My PdD project explores the ways in which Islamic traditions, the context of Danish society, and global social imaginaries play a role in the construction of meaningful selfhoods among young Muslim students in Denmark.

As an age group, young Muslims are often scholarly treated as a rather isolated category of “youth” – focusing primarily on the ‘hypervisible Islam’ such as Islamic clothing, Islamic organisations and Islamic radicalisation – or they are viewed in contradistinction to the generation of their parents. Consequently, aspects of their subjectivity other than their youth and minority status are likely to be neglected. In an attempt to change the perspective, this project will investigate the interaction of individual identity constructions with templates of the good life given by both national and global contexts. In particular, the impact of the disciplinary governmentality of the Danish welfare state on social practices and self-understanding will be in focus. The project will address young Muslims’ norms and ideals, with their dilemmas, anxieties and aspirations concerning education, work, civic engagement, and family life.

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