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Mervat Hatem

Howard University


Mervat Hatem is professor of political science at Howard University in Washington DC. International relations and the comparative politics of the Middle East are her main areas. Her overall published work explores how gender emerged as a contested marker of modern Islamic societies from the nineteenth century onwards. It was used by modernists and Islamists alike to distinguish their blueprints for Islamic modern societies and what distinguished them from western modernity.

Three relevant publications:

Literature, Gender and Nation-Building in Nineteenth Century Egypt: the Life and Works of ‘A’isha Taymur (1840-1902, New York: Palgrave-Macmillan (2011).

“Gender and Revolution in Egypt”, Middle East Report 261 (winter 2011).

“`A’isha Abdel Rahman: An Unlikely Heroine: A Postcolonial Reading of her Life and Some of Biographies of Women in the Prophetic Household”, JMEWS: Journal of Middle East Women Studies (7)2 (spring 2011): 1-26.

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