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Forskningsenhed for Ortopædkirurgi

Nyeste publikationer fra Ortopædkirurgisk Forskningsenhed 

  1. Clausen, A., Möller, S., Skjødt, M. K., Lynggaard, R. B., Vinholt, P. J., Lindberg-Larsen, M., Søndergaard, J., Abrahamsen, B., & Rubin, K. H. (2024). Validity of Major Osteoporotic Fracture Diagnoses in the Danish National Patient Registry. Clinical Epidemiology, 16, 257-266.


  2. Harsted, S., Hestbæk, L., Holsgaard-Larsen, A., & Hein Lauridsen, H. (2024). Dynamic Lower Limb Alignment During Jumping in Preschool Children: Normative Profiles and Sex Differences. Journal of Motor Learning and Development, 12(1), 68–89.


  3. Issa, L. M., Kehlet, H., Madsbad, S., Lindberg-Larsen, M., Varnum, C., Jakobsen, T., Andersen, M. R., Bieder, M. J., Overgaard, S., Hansen, T. B., Gromov, K., & Jørgensen, C. C. (2024). Protocol for a prospective multicentre cohort study to address the question whether diabetes and its management is still a risk factor in fast-track joint arthroplasty. BMJ Open, 14(4), Artikel e080232.


  4. Jakobsen, S. G., Andersen, P. T., Lauritsen, J., Larsen, C. P., Stenager, E., & Christiansen, E. (2024). Opening the black box of registration practice for self-harm and suicide attempts in emergency departments: a qualitative study. BMC Primary Care, 25, Artikel 139.


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  6. Pedersen, L. T., Ipsen, J. A., Bruun, I. H., Egebæk, H. K., Andersen, P. T., & Viberg, B. (2024). Association between patient activation level and functional outcomes in older adults with hip fractures. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 124, Artikel 105472.


  7. Schmidt, N. H., Birkelund, L., & Schønnemann, J. O. (2024). A retrospective cohort analysis of failure and potential causes after osteosynthesis of femoral fractures with VA-LCP Condylar plate 4.5/5.0, Depuy Synthes. Journal of Orthopaedics, 55, 69-73.


  8. Tobiesen Pedersen, L., Ipsen, J. A., Egebæk, H. K., Bruun, I. H., Viberg, B., & Andersen, P. T. (2024). From fear to control: Older adults’ thoughts and feelings about empowerment-oriented rehabilitation after a hip fracture. International Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing, 53, Artikel 101061.

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