Graduating this summer?

How to apply before deadline even if you first finish your Secondary High School later this summer:

You are good to go! – Even if you have not finished your qualifying examination before deadline on 15 March, noon, you can apply for admission. But, in this case, you must add an official transcript from your school to your application via before 15 March, noon. The transcript should state the courses you have taken already (and the grades) as well as the courses you are taking right now. Furthermore, you must state in your application when we can expect to receive your High School Graduation Diploma – final deadline: no later than 5 July, noon.

Is it not possible for you to get your Diploma within the given deadline, please contact and state the reason for the delay. Based on an individual assessment, we decide if the application can get handled or not.


If you take a make-up examination to get your High School Graduation Diploma:

Are you registered for a make-up examination, please upload an official, signed statement from your school to your application via The document must be available before 5 July, noon.

If SDU can offer you a spot, your admission will be conditional until you have passed the qualifying examination at your Secondary High School.

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