SDU Strategy

It’s about doing something worth doing, for society, with society

It’s about enabling every talent while encouraging the exceptional

It’s about breaking through boundaries and shaping the future


As a university, we have to create visible results that generate value for the society of which we are a part. New technology, better health for citizens and high-quality research are just some of SDU’s contributions to doing this. We must also be able to adapt and fit in where needed, prioritise research resources and manage our operations in interaction with surroundings and events that are rapidly and continuously changing.

That’s why SDU employs a strategy designed for maximum flexibility, so that we can be agile at the same time as setting ambitious goals and achieving good results. To make this happen, we employ a threefold approach, structured around one external and three internal parameters.

The external perspective is that our core tasks must generate value for the society of which we are a part, in collaboration with its members. The three internal parameters are that our implementation of these core tasks must always be characterised by quality, relevance and differentiation.




SDU prioritises cross-disciplinary collaboration for society and with society.


Read about the talent programmes that help students unlock their potential.


SDU works to shift traditional boundaries and shape a better future.

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