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SDU's GE Vision Statement

Initially, the statement confirms that

"SDU is a diverse organization, where inclusive and welcoming conduct is promoted and where there is room and respect for differences. We continuously strive to minimize bias in decision making as well as adverse effects of intersecting diversity parameters such as gender, race and social background. We actively, purposefully and continuously strive to be an organization free of sexism, unwanted sexual attention or other types of harassment."

Next, the equality efforts are closely aligned with SDU's overall strategic objectives and its primary responsibilities as a university:

"Resting firmly on the principles of free, independent and critical research, SDU’s strategic Gender Equality (GE) focus contributes to SDU’s overall strategic goals:  “to create value for and together with society; to develop talents that encourage unique, innovative solutions; and to contribute to breaking down barriers and shaping a sustainable future”".

The statement further clarifies that the equality efforts include an attention to all diversity parameters and that it includes and affects both working- and study environments at the university:

SDU’s strategic GE-focus includes all diversity parameters through an explicit attention to gender equality and inclusion. GE at SDU applies to all aspects of SDU’s endeavours: through its close coupling to specific challenges and considerations, SDU’s GE efforts support its study- and working environments as well as the execution of the university’s primary tasks.

Finally, it is acknwoledged that

"...striving for increased gender equality is an endeavour that involves the entire organization and requires necessary structural changes. That is why SDU’s GE efforts are informed, consistent and conscious efforts with an ambitious, persistent and long-term perspective. "

Read the entire statement here and get more information about the principles behind the equality efforts, including e.g. prioritizing dialogue, securing locally embedded measures as well as ensuring access to internal resources at SDU to help assist the work.

Read SDU's GE Vision Statement

Find more information about the principles behind the equality efforts

SDU's GE Vision Statement

Last Updated 17.11.2023