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PhD dissertations

Below you will get a comprehensive list of this year's PhD dissertations.

Ahmed Aziz, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Correlaion and gender differences between acetylcholine provocation test, coronary flow reserve (CFR) and peripheral endothelial  function in patients with angina pectoris without obstructed coronary arteries."

Ahmed Abdulkareem Abdulhussein Al-Ali, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Modulation of Drug Efflux Transporters"

Ahmed H. Zedan, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"The clinical significance of microRNA in prostate cancer"

Aia Elise Jønch, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Cognitive, behavioral and molecular correlates of the 15q11.2 copy number variants"

Alexander Steenberg Dastrup, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Tranexamic acid, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and statins, and the risk of major cardiovascular events and death following total hip replacement surgery. A population based study from the Danish Hip Arthroplasty Register"

Ali Ahmad Malik, Engineering Science

"Flexible Lean Automation – Human-Robot Teams Driven by Digital Twins"

Ana Rita Pereira da Silva, Biologisk Institut

"Demographic data analyses enhance biodiversity conservation and sustainable international trade in fish, corals, turtles and tortoises"

Anders Thomassen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Hybrid CT-angiography and 15O-water PET myocardial blood flow and flow reserve as a diagnostic tool in coronary artery disease"

Anders Sandgaard, Samfundsvidenskab

"Inklusion som reformidé: Spredning, oversættelse og implementering af reformideen inklusion"

Anne Konring Larsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Organizing workplace health literacy to reduce pain among employees in nursing homes"

Anne Lindegaard Christiansen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Porphyria cutanea tarda: Relations to iron overload, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and mortality"

Annegrete Gohr Månsson, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Opmærkomhed, ro og kropsforankret læring - et mixed method-studie om betydningen af skydeidræt i skoletiden for børn med ADHD og ADHD-lignende symptomer"

Anne-Mette Hartung, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Aberrant splicing of the RAS oncogenes - A new therapeutic and diagnostic approach"

Anne-Sophie Schwarz, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"It works but is it worth it? An evaluation of a brief outreach alcohol intervention"

Anthony Medford, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Models for Extreme Longevity"

Bengt Erik Jonas Frostberg, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Colorectal Cancer in the Young. Clinical, pathological and molecular genetic aspects of early-onset colorectal cancer in Denmark. A national population-based study."

Bjarne Christensen, Sprog og Kommunikation

"To be or to become. A practice-based study of the communicative dimension of becoming knowing as an academic in a small to medium-sized enterprise"

Bjørn Stæhr Madsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of early stage alcoholic liver disease"

Bo MohrMorberg, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"The clinical effects of eight weeks treatment with transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields in Parkinson's disease"

Britt Borregaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Optimising the clinical pathway after open heart valve surgery - Readmissions, patient-reported outcomes and health economics"

Bue Bonderup Hesby, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Validation of the ViMove sensor system for measuring neck posture and motion - a review of the literature, development, reproducibility, validity and ability to differentiate between people with and without neck pain"

Camilla Kirstein Thygesen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Proteomics characterization of Alzheimer’s disease pathological hallmarks in human and mouse CNS samples with focus on neuroinflammatory pathways"

Cecilie Bjerre, Historie

"Når staten er Far og Mor. Børneværnets anbringelser af børn i Danmark, 1905-1975"

Cecilie Lindström Egholm, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Implementation of national clinical guidelines and clinical quality registries to improve quality of cardiac rehabilitation"

Charlotte Amby Holst, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Alcohol use disorder: Impacts on health and transmission across generations"

Christian Henriksen, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Development of novel electrode materials for rechargeable batteries"

Christoffer Florzcak, Statskundskab

"Public Service Motivation, Personality and Decision-making: Combining Public Administration and Psychological Perspectives"

Danica Jovanovic, Sprog og Kommunikation

"Multimodal Dialogue and Photographic Style on Social Media"

Daniel Biltoft, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Biomaterials and the Contact Activation System"

Daniel Bech Rasmussen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Use of beta-blockers in COPD patients following myocardial infarction: Temporal trends and relation to prognosis and exacerbations of COPD"

David Grube Hansen, Engineering Science

"Automating High-Mix Low-Volume Production in Danish SMEs"

Debbie Norring-Agerskov, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Prediction of mortality in patients with hip fracture using biomarkers of common comorbiditites"

Devika Kannan, Engineering Science

"Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Focusing on Danish Context"

Ditte Gommesen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Perineal Wound Healing and long-term Maternal Morbidity"

Ditte Jonesco, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Development of novel biochemical markers for dementia"

Ditte Beck Jepsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"The potential role of whole-body vibration in the treatment of osteoporosis and the prevention of falls"

Ditte Søndergaard Linde, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Connected2Care - One-way Text Message Interventions and Cervical Cancer Screening in Tanzania"

Dlama Rasmussen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Barriers to scaling up access to HIV prevention, treatment and care in a politically unstable West African country: A historical perspective from Guinea-Bissau"

Donna Lykke Wolff, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Multimorbidity in hospital outpatient clinics - A study on prevalence, health care utilization and risk factors for non-attendance"

Dorota Paulina Küttel, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Patient-reported flares in rheumatoid arthritis patients with low disease activity: a comprehensive clinical and imaging characterization; The FLAres-in-RA (FLARA) Study"

Dorte Moeskær Larsen, Institut for Matematik og Datalogi

"Developing reasoning competence in inquiry-based mathematics teaching"

Dorthe Schøler Ziegler, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Identification of pre-operative and peri-operative prognostic factors in patients undergoing first-time, single level lumbar discectomy"

Elena Markoska, Engineering Science

"A Framework for Automated Real-Time Performance Evaluation of Smart Buildings"

Frederik Hagelskjær, Engineering Science

"A Framework for Facilitating the Set-up of Industrial Pose Estimation Systems"

Gitte Nyvang Hartmeyer, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Parasitic infections in Denmark: diagnostics, occurrence and clinical significance"

Hamidreza Siampour Ashkavandi, Engineering Science

"A Nanophotonic Platform for Quantum Optical Integrated Circuits"

Hanne Tanghus Olsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Effect of non-sedation on mortality, morbidity and quality of life – the NONSEDA trial."

Heidi Vikke, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Prehospital Infection Prevention and Control - A project on microbial contamination, guideline adherence and hygiene perception in the emergency medical service"

Helene Korvenius Nedergaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Effect of non-sedation on Post-Intensive Care Syndrome. Three sub-studies of the NONSEDA-trial."

Helene Marie Moustgaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Blinding in randomized clinical trials: a meta-epidemiological investigation of the impact on effect estimates"

Helle Glud Binderup, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Evaluation of response to antiplatelet therapy"

Henriette Bruun. Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Etik i sundhedsvæsnet – implementering og evaluering af etiske refleksionsgrupper på psykiatriske og somatiske hospitalsafdelinger: et aktionsforskningsprojekt. "

Henriette Blomgren, Kulturvidenskaber

"Æstetiske processer i daginstitutionen - aktionsforskningsinspireret projekt hvor pædagoger og kunstnere samarbejder"

Henrik Taarsted Jørgensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Udskolingslæreres perspektiv på motion og bevægelse i skolen"

Ida Bøgh Andersen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Relationship between vitamin K status, diabetes and micro- and macrovascular disease. A population-based approach."

Inga Boll, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Identification of novel PTM signaling mechanisms in the active zone of nerve terminals"

Inge Kristine Larsen Holden, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome and Potential to Improve Treatment Success Rates in Denmark."

lñigo lturrate San Juan, Engineering Science

"Simplified Robot Programming by Kinesthetic Teaching with Limited Demonstration Data"

Irina Elena Antonescu, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Predicting the disposition of BDDCS Class III drugs based on their permeation mechanisms"

Issa Farah Issa, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Structural Valve Dysfunction in Biological Heart Valve Prostheses. Clinical and prognostic importance"

Issam al-Najami, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Dual energy computed tomography in the staging of rectal cancer."

Jakob Hviid, Engineering Science

"A Software Approach to Mitigating Barriers for Smart Grid Integration in the Retail Sector"

Janne Fuglsang Hansen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Non-invasive test for fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C"

Janni Grouleff Nielsen, Erhvervsøkonomi

" Measuring performance in social enterprises - A study of situational factors affecting the use of performance measurement systems"

Jens Jakob Sigurdarson Gade, Engineering Science

"Identification and Development of Novel Strategies to Reduce Formation of Ammonia in Animal Manure"

Jesper Asring Jessen Hansen, Statskundskab

"Antecedents of Innovation in the Public Sector"

Jesper Pihl-Thingvad, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Everyday Violence: On repeated exposure to workplace violence and its association with PTSD"

Jesper Lundsby Skov, Historie

"Frihed og ret: En begrebshistorisk analyse af forholdet mellem forfatning og frihedsrettigheder ca. 1840-1953"

Johanne Gormsen Schmidt, Kulturvidenskaber

"Uanselighedens kunst. Æstetik og praksis på Forlaget Basilisk"

Johannes Frank König, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"The Role of Flavor in Theory and Phenomenology"

Jon Axel Forsse, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Monitoring and neuroprotection in cerebrovascular disease: Novel applications of microdialysis."

José Manuel Aburto, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"On the relationship between life expectancy and lifespan equality"

Julie Stendevad, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Synergism of Computational and Experimental Methods: Rationalization of Empirical Observations based on Molecular Modelling"

Julie Andersen-Mølgaard, Historie

"Vi har saftsusme haft mange gode ferier i Tyskland. Danske turister i Vesttyskland 1949-1970"

Julie Dalgaard Guldager, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"“It has to be fun to be healthy” - Assessing the implementation and teacher-perceived effectiveness of a school-based physical activity program"

Julie Killerup Kaae, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Managing side effects after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer"

Justyna Joanna Okarmus, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Molecular and functional analysis of human dopaminergic neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells with familial Parkinson’s disease: Focus on PARK2 mutation using isogenic cells"

Kamilla Kannegård Karlsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Uterine Fibroids and Reproduction"

Kari Manfred Kleine, Engineering Science

"Developing Technology Entrepreneurship Capabilities – Lessons learned from Educating Engineers"

Karina Vejrum Sørensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

" Effects of delayed-release pine nut and olive oil as FFA1, FFA4 and GPR119 agonists on glucose tolerance, incretins and appetite"

Kasper Klein, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Antibacterial effects of drug loaded silicone based interpenetrating networks"

Kasper Rørdam Jensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Improved Cone Beam image quality - a way to improve radiotherapy"

Kathrine Brændgaard Dal, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Dynamic rewiring of metabolism during starvation in C. elegans"

Katie Crist, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Bridging the Gap: Opportunities for collaboration between physical activity researchers and active transport planners"

Katrine Bindesbøl Holm, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Gender, power and sexual violence - An anthropological exploration of young people’s perceptions and unwanted sexual experiences in Denmark"

Katrine Lawaetz Kristensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"The paradoxical protective effect of diabetes on abdominal aortic aneurysms, clinical and epidemiological studies"

Katrine Marie Harries Johannesen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Genotype-phenotype correlations in severe epileptic encephalopathies with special focus on channelopathies"

Kenneth Pihl, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Searching for subgroups of patients benefitting most from meniscal surgery – do they exist?"

Kirstine Boye Petersen, Økonomi

"Essays on Capital Structure"

Kirstine Lindhardt Sæderup, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Medical utilization of haemoglobin scavenger systems"

Kristina Hansen Hadberg, Design og Kommunikation

"En kommercielt drevet designhistorie. Danske boligmagasiners historiekonstruktion i det 21. århundrede"

Kristine Harrsen Bachkati, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Education and trajectories of cognitive ability from midlife to late-life – Epidemiological studies based on the 1914-cohort"

Larisa Safina, Institut for Matematik og Datalogi

"Formal Methods and Patterns for Microservices"

Lars Andersen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Live-stream video of artificial reefs: a teaching tool to increase students´ interest in natural science "

Lars Seidelin, Biologisk Institut

" Effects of delayed-release pine nut and olive oil as FFA1, FFA4 and GPR119 agonists on glucose tolerance, incretins and appetite"

Leen Baudewijn, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Celiac disease viewed from insights in self-tolerance"

Lene Meyer, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Understanding problems and solutions in binge-eating disorder (BED): A multimethod study of a two-phased treatment program for patients with BED and overweight"

Lina Almind Knudsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Identification of components in the gut microbiota with effects on inflammation in the gut"

Line Bisgaard Jørgensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Three-dimensional wound measurements of diabetic foot ulcers - Validation and application of a novel 3D wound camera for monitoring wound healing"

Line Ea Hemstra Trier Kjær, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"The role of Microfibrillar - Associated protein 4 (MFAP4) in hypertensive arterial remodeling"

Line Elberg Godskesen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Therapeutic and diagnostic aspects of IBD studied by remote ischaemic conditioning and biomarkers of extracellular matrix remodelling"

Lise Nottelmann, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Early, integrated, specialized palliative rehabilitation for patients with advanced cancer"

Loa Ingeborg Bjerre, Kulturvidenskaber

"Fortidens rolle i historieundervisningen. En undersøgelse af det historisk fremmede i grundskolens historiefag"

Lone Breinbjerg Fisker, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"En undersøgelse af oplevelser i brugen af telepsykiatri hos ældre med unipolar depression - Brug af videokonsultationer i ambulante behandlingsforløb. Et mixed method studie."

Loreta Bllaci, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Proteomics Jigsaw Puzzle: Placing Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Phosphoproteomics Workflows"

Lotte Rasmussen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Use of psychotropic drugs in children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders"

Lotte Kramer Schmidt, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Treatment Duration and Fidelity in Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorders"

Mads Andreas Elkjær, Statskundskab

"Inequality and Political Representation"

Mads Lillevang-Johansen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"All-cause mortality and cardiovascular risk in biochemically verified hyper- and hypothyroidism"

Maja Hellfritzsch Poulsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

" Switching between oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation"

Majken Munk Brønserud, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) as performance indicators in lung cancer"

Maria Ormhøj, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Limiting antigen escape through optimized design and alternative antigen targeting of chimeric antigen receptor T cells"

María López Chiloeches, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Exploring the interplay between the gut microbiota and diet in colorectal cancer preventiont"

Maria Emilia Röhr (double degree), Biologisk Institut

"Environmental Drivers Influencing the Carbon Sink Capacity of Eelgrass (Zostera marina)"

Marianne Østergaard Poulsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Synergistic killing effect of Thioridazine and Dicloxacillin in Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in vitro and establishment of a combinatorial treatment host model; Caenorhabditis elegans"

Marie Louise Stjerne Knudsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Understanding and scaffolding Danish schoolteachers' motivation for using classroom-based physical activity"

Marina Yovkova Linova, Engineering Science

"Identification of Natural Product Drugs for Corneal Diseases Associated with Mutations in the TGFBI Gene"

Marko Nikolaos Blatzheim, Engineering Science

"Artificial Neural Networks to Reconstruct Properties of Magnetic Equilibrium in Wendelstein 7-X"

Martin Graversen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Implementation and response evaluation of Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy (PIPAC) for peritoneal metastasis in Denmark"

Martin Rønn Madsen, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Lineage specific effects of glucocorticoids in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation"

Matilde Lykkebo Petersen, Kulturvidenskaber

"Ægdonor. Et sanseetnografisk studie af æg, kroppe og nye slægtskaber"

Mats Joe Bordacconi, Statskundskab

"Motivated Selective Exposure. How Need for Cognition and Need to Evaluate Influence Selective Exposure to Political News"

Mette Herly, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Vitamin D metabolites in early and established Rheumatoid Arthritis: Disease activity, disease-course and cardiovascular co-morbidity"

Mette Winge Jakobsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Evidence-informed policymaking: The role of research, stakeholders and policy organizations"

Michael Fehsenfeld, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Interessepositioner i samspillet mellem den offentlige og den frivillige sektor: ’flødeskumspuljer’, ’vagthunde’ og ’gadekær’."

Michael Krenzel, Engineering Science

"Fatigue Strength of a Welded Tube-to-Plate Joint at an Offshore Structure"

Mike Allan Mortensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Staging of prostate cancer using PET/CT"

Mikkel Hasse Pedersen, Økonomi

"Medical Interventions, Welfare Generosity, and Socio-Economic Outcomes"

Mikkel Hjort, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Transparent designproces - Inddragelse af evidens gennem tværfagligt samarbejde"

Mikkel Peter Høiberg, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Screening for osteoporosis"

Mon Oo Yee, Biologisk Institut

"Extracellular Electron Transfer in Methanogenic Arachaea"

Monika Ewa Pankiewicz-Dulacz, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Prevalence and risk of infections in schizophrenia patients. A nationwide register-based study"

Morten Mørk Jensen, Engineering Science

"Molecular Interactions of Collagen-Binding Proteins"

Morten Sall Jensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Evaluating organisational changes using quasi-experimental study designs – evidence from a case study including low back pain patients"

Nadine Heidi Brueckmann, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Elucidating pathways of malignant transformation: from epigenetic reprogramming to failed growth arrest"

Nanna Skaarup Andersen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Tick-borne Infections in Denmark – with special emphasis on tick-borne encephalitis"

Nick Odell Murphy, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

" The Higgs Sector in the Complex Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with Heavy Superpartners"

Nicky Cordua Mattsson, Institut for Matematik og Datalogi

"Efficient Numerical Simulation of Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications"

Nicola Andrea Dondi, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Renormaliseringsgruppefunktioner og a-teorem ved et stort antal flavours"

Niels Mandøe Glæsner, Kulturvidenskaber

"Fusionens rationaliteter, Institutionssammenlægning som strategi og problem strategi og problem"

Nina Kamstrup-Larsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Preventive health checks among individuals with low socioeconomic position - A randomised controlled trial in general practice"

Odd Lilleng Gammelgaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Development and evaluation of novel antibody-based targeting strategies of CD73 for cancer treatment "

Ole Kristian Lerche Helgestad, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Acute myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock. From epidemiology to translational science"

Paola Andrea Palacios Jaramillo, Biologisk Institut

" Microbial induced corrosion by methanogens and other associated microbial groups"

Paola Ibarra Gonzalez, Engineering Science

"Synthesis, Simulation and Optimization of Advanced Processes for Biomass-to-Liquid Transportation Fuels Production"

Patrick Rosendahl Andreassen, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Gene regulation of structural and virulence associated traits in bacteria"

Peter Muhareb Udby, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Long-term outcomes in degenerative spine patients - with focus on Modic changes and discectomy surgery"

Pia Iben Pietersen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Education, training and assessment in clinical thoracic ultrasound - The construction of a structured and evidence-based educational program in clinical thoracic ultrasound"

Pætur Mikal Holm, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Muscle function, physical function and strength training in patients with knee osteoarthritis"

Ramshanker Ramanathan, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Biochemical and morphological characteristics of atherosclerosis in asymptomatic individuals"

Rasmus Krøijer, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Colon Capsule Endoscopy in colorectal cancer screening and colonic surveillance"

Rasmus Birkholm Grønnemose, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Device-related bloodstream infections and thrombosis caused by Staphylococcus aureus: Modelling pathogenesis and development of improved device materials"

Richard Christian Jensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Perfluoroalkyl acids during pregnancy and associations with maternal glucose status, mini puberty and growth in the offspring"

Ricko Damberg Nissen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"In That Most Secular of Rooms - The Religious Patient in Secular Psychiatry"

Rikke Kristensen, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Electroactive Molecular Machines"

Rikke Zachar Langkilde, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Proteolytical activation of the renal Epithelial Na+ Channel ENaC in physiological and pathophysiological conditions"

Rune Tendal Paulsen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Randomized clinical trial of supervised physical therapy versus unsupervised home exercise in patients recovering after surgery for lumbar disc herniation"

Sambavy Nadaraja, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Significance of geriatric and biological assessment for optimal treatment of older patients with cancer"

Samuel Joseph Daniels, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Characterisation of the extracellular matrix remodelling in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – An exploration of a translatable biomarker"

Sandra Walløe Thorsen, Biologisk Institut

"Macroalgal development and ecological succession after seawater flooding of agricultural land by managed realignment"

Sarah Seberg Diemar, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Antiepileptic Drugs and Metabolic Bone Disease"

Seyyedeh Newsha Ghoreishi, Engineering Science

"An Introspective Framework for Configuration of Genetic Algorithms"

Siavosh Tabatabaeifar, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Mapping the genomic profile of oral cavity cancer"

Sidsel Maria Monrad Villumsen, Engineering Science

"Monitoring Availability and use of eHealth in Denmark"

Signe Bruun, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Breastfeeding, breast milk components, cardiovascular health and growth in early childhood"

Sille Schandorph Løkkegaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"How can we identify traumatized children? A study on validating assessment tools for identifying children who suffer from trauma symptomatology"

Simon Chang, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"The haemostatic balance in Klinefelter syndrome – the effect of testosterone treatment"

Simon Jonas Larsen, Institut for Matematik og Datalogi

"Finding patterns in complex biomedical data using networks and molecular profiling"

Sirwan Fernandez Gurani, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Definition of Skeletal Anatomical Landmarks and Upper Airway Boundaries in orthognathic surgery patients: A new methodological approach."

Siv Lykke Jørgensen, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Robotic surgery in endometrial cancer -A study of survival, complications and individualized functioning assessment"

Solja Klargaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"On the nature of Developmental Prosopagnosia: A comprehensive investigation"

Sophie Lund Rasmussen, Biologisk Institut

"The Danish Hedgehog Project: How humans influence hedgehogs and how hedgehogs may affect humans when living closely together. "

Steffen Muxoll Bastholm, Erhvervsøkonomi

"Purchasing capabilities, tasks and roles – an interaction perspective"

Sten Vissing Fahnøe Hansen, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Unraveling ubiqtuination dependent signaling in human health and diseases"

Stine Brændegaard Winther, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Oncological treatment strategies in older patients with metastatic colorectal cancer "

Susanne Faerber, Erhvervsøkonomi

"Visitor Satisfaction and Visitor Behaviour in Visitor Attractions"

Søren Kjærgaard, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"New mortality forecasting models and their applications"

Søren Kristensen, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci

"Evaluation of cochleates as parenteral depot formulation"

Søren Gustenhoff Hansen, Engineering Science

"Influence of Alkali-Silica Reaction on the Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slabs without Shear Reinforcement"

Søren Leer Blindbæk, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Aflibercept and navigate versus conversional laser in Diabetic macular edema (ADDENDUM)"

Tanja Bettina Schmidt, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Use of Neighbourhood Open Spaces by Older Adults in Disadvantaged Communities - A Mixed Methods Study"

Thomas Vognbjerg Sydenham, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Epidemiology and genomics of antimicrobial resistance in the Bacteroides fragilis group"

Thorbjørn Mosekjær Iversen, Engineering Science

"Automated Configuration of Vision Sensor Systems for Industrial Robots"

Tina Dalager, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Musculoskeletal pain among surgeons performing minimally invasive surgery"

Tine Kondrup, Historie

"Repræsentation og mindestrategier hos den danske adel, 1400-1537"

Trine Printz, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Standardization of the Voice Range Profile for Clinical and Research Purposes, assessment of the voice in patients with Laryngeal Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Non-Neoplastic Lesions, and monitoring the vocal outcome of transoral CO2 laser microsurgery"

Vibeke Hedeholm Kongstad Kruse, Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

"Function of epidermal permeability barrier in whole body physiology"

Wafa Said Mosleh, Erhvervsøkonomi

"Emergence, Tangibility and Power: Participatroy Innovation as a Complex Process of Social Relating"

Yazeid Alhaidan, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Congenital hyperinsulinism and early onset diabetes: Hunting genes in genetic disorders influencing insulin secretion and glucose levels using tissue microarrays and exome sequencing"

Zandra Nymand Ennis, Sundhedsvidenskab/Health Sciences

"Exposure to phthalate-containing drug products and the risk of gastrointestinal cancers"