Electrification of the Danish car fleet: An integrated and dynamic analysis of the material-energy-emission nexus for transportation transition

Pixabay.com / Egor Shitikov

Mathias Sølvbjerg Andersen and
Christopher Håkansson Larsen

Bachelor Thesis - Energy Technology - 2019

This study aims to make a dynamic analysis of the CO2 emissions associated with electrification of the Danish car fleet from 2020-2050 when considering the whole material-energy-emission nexus.

The study finds that although electrification of the car fleet initially will result in higher emissions, the annual emissions will after 4-12 years be lower. Long term, the annual emissions are found to be between a quarter, and half of what a car fleet entirely of ICEVs would emit. The most significant contributors to the total emissions are proved to be the batteries for EVs and electricity production; however, these emissions can be reduced significantly. The study also shows the minor influence emissions regarding material extraction have on the total emissions.

Bachelor Thesis


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