Bachelor Thesis Projects

Bachelor Thesis Projects

SDU Life Cycle Engineering supervise Bachelor thesis projects from the Bachelor programme BSc in Engineering - Energy Technology. In addition, we supervise a few individual study activities. Click on the projects below and learn more.

Selected Bachelor Thesis Projects, 2015-2020

Feasibility Study on E-highways on Funen

Emilie Glud Viig, Julie Birkedal Svendsen and Martha Regitze Jørgensen

The Future of Svendborg District Heating

Maria Dahl Hedegaard Jensen and Signe Vincentz Lund

Hydrogen as Power Back-up

Martin Herløv Dorsch and Alexander Lorentzen

District heating in Odense

Jesper Fischer Nielsen and Johan Meinhard Johannesen

An economic evaluation of electrolysis in Denmark

Alexander Nielsen and Oliver Grewal

Geothermal Energy in the Danish District Heating Sector

Jannick Hauschildt Buhl and Mikkel Bosack Simonsen

Selected Individual Study Activities 2015-2019