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We are running our university’s Master programme in Environmental Engineering.

Moreover, we are contributing to the Bachelor programme and Master programme in Energy Technology, the Bachelor programme and Master programme in Chemical Engineering, the Bachelor programme in Integrated Design, as well as the Master programme in Product Development and Innovation - Product Value Creation.

The Bachelor and Master programmes are completed with thesis projects. We are supervising Master thesis projects from the Master programme in Environmental Engineering and Bachelor and Master programmes in Energy Technology. We include the student thesis projects in our on-going research projects as much as possible, as we believe that it inspires the students to participate in our wide range of innovation and research projects and that it is motivating when the results of the student's thesis are used in “real life”. Furthermore, it facilitates contacts between the students and Danish companies. Last year, we were supervisors for around 30 students throughout their Bachelor and Master thesis projects, and we expect around the same number of thesis project students this year. See examples of the Bachelor thesis projects and Master thesis projects.

You are welcome to contact study coordinator Birgitte Lilholt Sørensen, if you have questions. 


Master Thesis Projects


Bachelor Thesis Projects


Last Updated 04.05.2021