District heating in Odense

© Jesper Fischer Nielsen and Johan Meinhard Johannesen, SDU

Jesper Fischer Nielsen and Johan Meinhard Johannesen

Bachelor Thesis – Energy Technology - 2016 

This study will identify the Funish waste management characteristics related to the incineration plant Fynsværket in Odense. The role of waste management in the future energy system will be investigated, and the possibility of storing waste for district heating in peak periods will be discussed. Furthermore different scenarios will be simulated and analyzed regarding efficient utilization of waste for district heating in Odense. In addition to this, an economic assessment of the system will be made to see if storing waste will proof to be beneficial in the future.

Collaboration partners
Fjernvarme Fyn 

Research Project Relations
The study has been made in collaboration with the project regarding synergy in the Funish resource strategies (SYFRE).


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