The role of biogas in the future energy system in Denmark

© Mareike Johannsen

Mareike Johannsen

 Bachelor Thesis – Energy Technology - 2015

As a consequence of the Danish energy strategy involving large share of wind electricity, there is an increasing need for balancing power. This is a challenge in the short-term horizon (ca. 15 years), as the infrastructure for flexible electricity consumption (electrolysers, car batteries, heat pump, gas infrastructure, etc.) is not yet in place. In the Danish strategy, biogas plays a major role to ensure the delivery of electricity in the future energy market. But what is the most energy- and environmentally-effective solution to balance this wind power? Is biogas really the ideal solution? Moreover, there are other alternatives to balance fluctuating power (e.g. sand covered storage). To clarify this, two technologies is investigated; temporal biogas storage (no upgrade) produced by varied feeding, and a sand storage which is under development by Siemens Wind Power. 

This study endeavours to clarify whether biogas is the optimal energy source to ensure the need for balancing the fluctuating energy production of the transitioning energy system towards higher share of wind power. 

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