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Collaboration with municipalities

In summer 2008 the Unit launched a direct collaboration with Danish municipalities based on contracts for junior research positions (phD or post-doc) funded 50% by a municipality and 50% by SDU. Three such contracts were signed by Esbjerg, Varde and Tønder municipality, and in two of these municipalities, Esbjerg and Varde, projects have already been launched.

The aim of these positions is twofold

  • to increase the use of research knowledge and evidence in municipal public health and in health promotion work,
  • to provide information on research needs in everyday municipal work for the academic research environment.

Key themes of collaboration focus on support and help for municipalities in development, analysis and use of health profiles, evaluation of municipal intervention programmes addressing socially vulnerable populations, integration of existing data on health and its determinants into geographic information systems, analysis of municipal actions with regard to the use of evidence in cross-sectoral planning and implementing of evidence and support of health policy development.

See our consultancy and services brochure (only available in Danish) - link

Starting date: August 1, 2008

Contact persons: Maja Bertram ( Gabriel Gulis (

Last Updated 01.04.2019