The Department of Public Health consists of a number of research units and centers that each generates new knowledge about sickness and health.

Each research unit or center is part of a larger whole, but at the same time each is a defined unit with different heads of research, whom organisational refers to the head of department. For further information on the research conducted please see the specific websites for each unit or center.


The Danish Twin Registry, amongst others, is often used in various analyses. Furthermore we conduct research in pharmaceuticals and in the effect and mechanism of action of other foreign substances; we analyze the use of resources in the Danish health system along with the quality of the services offered. Finally we conduct research in the gray zone between citizen, patient and the health care system with improvement of human health in mind.

Research at The Department of Public Health spans from the study of cells to socio-economics and we are only happy to cross existing professional boundaries in order to create coherence in treatment and prevention.

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